Service design

Service design from 6B aims to simplify the user journey by designing services for public sector organisations or private sector companies that are easy to understand, providing a simple user journey that fulfils the end user’s needs.

6B’s team of technical architects, developers and UX designers build apps, websites and products through discovery, alpha and beta phases. We work collaboratively with you to ensure your service design meets user requirements through user-centred research and user-centred approaches, developing service design through a roadmap for development and a timeline for delivery to improve public sector and private sector efficiency.

Service design and delivery uses rapid prototyping to iterate new ideas that test the riskiest assumptions, ensuring that the way your services are designed fulfils what your users require.

Service design agency

As a service design agency, we use insights from user-centred research to map out your service design through a series of sprints. Our problem sprint, solution sprint, implementation sprint and analysis sprint begins with discovery and alpha to fully understand the needs of your business, what your app or website needs to do to fulfil user need, and any opportunities that may arise to develop your product roadmap.

6B uses rapid prototyping to find out the solution for your service design, testing and iterating different ideas to ensure your product fulfils user requirements. Our service design agency also helps ensure your public sector or private sector organisation has the infrastructure to implement the service design we collaboratively create, with training and data monitoring carried out to ensure the continued success of your product.

To start the process, you have to think about what the user wants at the end. What is the user trying to achieve? What service do they require from you? Through our discovery and alpha phases, we can strategically identify how your service should be designed so that you can fulfil your user’s needs.

We work collaboratively with you and integrate with your team to take a holistic view of your organisation, looking at pain points that we can collectively overcome, and opportunities that are borne out of new ways to design how your staff, infrastructure and IT are organised.

Through user-centred research and innovative co-creation techniques, we use these insights to develop a clear service design strategy to improve your organisation’s services, giving you a roadmap for development and timeline of delivery.

Mapping the way to success

Our service designers have government product expertise in working with user-centred design principles. We work closely with your internal teams to find success paths that fit within your parameters. 6B uses insightful customer data to research, strategize and implement journey maps that enhance user experience and end the search for services they need. We collaborate pragmatically with you to deliver a consistent service that will increase your organisation’s effectiveness, fulfil your user’s needs and give them a simple and transparent pathway across multiple devices to find what they require.

6B supports you at every stage of the delivery process, from defining your service, to its live implementation. We have a proven track record of co-designing with public sector organisations and private sector companies to deliver user-centric service design that meets gaps in the market and creates sustainable services that align user, organisational and technical needs with the user journey.

We use the latest tools, workshops and feedback sessions to understand user pain points, create a visual map of how your service design works and recommend ways to improve your organisation through feasibility ideas that match your business plan. 

We help you understand your users, ensuring your solutions are centred around them using evidence to plan, measure and diagnose our recommendations. Through critical thinking and problem solving, we can improve service users’ lives.

The sprint for success

6B adopts four sprint processes as part of your journey from service inception to actualisation:


  • Problem sprint – We conduct in-depth research with users and stakeholders to gain a full understanding of your service, including wider issues such as legislation and market conditions.
  • Solution sprint – We adopt rapid prototyping to assess the viability of a range of solutions that we have collectively created, testing the riskiest assumptions to ensure that your service fulfils user needs.
  • Implementation sprint – We ensure that the solution that has been tested and fits within your organisational structure, sharing our knowledge and adopting a ‘learn by doing’ approach so that your team can deliver the right service.
  • Analysis sprint – We report on performance and improvements against KPIs and investigate your service’s impact, iteratin

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