Technical due diligence agency

6B is a technical due diligence agency that helps businesses in the technology sector through technical audits that highlight a company’s technical strengths and weaknesses.

Potential stakeholders can benefit from asking technical due diligence questions of us that will highlight risks and opportunities before the purchase of or merger with a tech company.

6B carries out third party and independent code quality reviews, product strategy assessment, finding the digital skills gap and looking at the wider technical due diligence process a company adopts before you invest in a business.

Technical due diligence firms

As one of the leading technical due diligence firms in the UK, 6B reviews a deployment setup and assesses recruitment strategy for investors or companies looking for investment. Our technical due diligence report reviews the core technology that forms your business and identifies improvements so that you can shorten the digital skills gap.

Our technical due diligence agency also assesses your product strategy, using data to assess the commercial viability and scalability of your web app, mobile app, healthware software or government software. We go through our technical due diligence checklist to ensure you are adhering to the latest protocols, standards and legislation. 

Technical due diligence process

6B’s technical due diligence agency carries out a technical audit and looks holistically at your business to look for efficiency savings such as automation, and gaps in the market for healthtech companies, government organisations, funded startups, public sector and private sector organisations.

Our UX developers and technical architects have years of technical due diligence experience to help you find opportunities for technology companies and organisations to grow, using data and evidence based strategies.

Our independent, third-party assessment highlights risks and opportunities for potential stakeholders prior to the purchase or merger of a digital business.

Technical due diligence from 6B is essential if you want to ensure you are making a viable investment in a business.

From code quality reviews and deep assessments of core technology to reviews of the wider components including product strategy and the technical team capability as a whole.

How cohesive is your team?

People are the most important part of your business. Technical due diligence covers the experience, skills and capabilities of a team to uncover any skills gaps and glean strengths and weaknesses.

6B will assess recruitment strategy before or after investment to understand how skills will be expanded upon and how you can scale up operations to cover any skill shortages and expand and improve your organisation’s performance indicators.

Development of a website/app/crm

Product strategy

6B provides a data-driven strategy to discover the commercial scalability and viability of your product after thoroughly investigating all aspects of your business.

We identify strategy for growth, how you can provide return on investment, and look for further development opportunities to find ways that your product can grow in the future.

Choose 6B for your technical due diligence

  • Code quality – Our developers and technical auditors have years of experience in auditing platforms to ensure your code is of the highest standard. We can advise on code refactoring and modernising legacy systems to ensure a product is operational and can scale
  • DevOps – By reviewing a current deployment setup, 6B looks for ways new features can be developed in a quick and efficient time frame. To improve platform performance and stability, we look for devops opportunities that will enhance CI/CD.
  • New processes – We conduct a technical audit as well as give you ideas for efficiency savings through your product strategy processes, such as automation. We can also ensure that projects are deliverable and scalable once investment has taken place

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