The demand for wellness and mental health apps is at an all time high. Yes, people have always cared about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the reduced stigma around mental health and proliferation of smartphones has meant that users now expect an on-the-go solution to aid with this. In fact, the global fitness app market size was valued at $1.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of 17.6% from 2022 to 2030.

Whether you want to help users monitor their diet, track their progress or better manage their mental health, you need to partner with a wellness app development agency capable of delivering a seamless yet meaningful experience for users.

6B is that agency.

As specialists in wellness app development, with a diverse portfolio of healthcare and membership clients, we know what users want to see and which features they deem as ‘must-haves’. From push notifications and customised exercise plans to video tutorials and calorie counters, our in-house team of developers and designers know how to execute your vision and deliver value to your users.

The types of apps we specialise in creating

Wellness and mental health apps

As a society, we’ve come a long way in how we discuss mental health; we’re more aware of the signs that a friend or colleague may be struggling, and as a result, we’re more proactive when monitoring our own mental health. The number of dedicated wellness and mental health apps demonstrate that there is a real demand for apps that can help combat stress and monitor users’ moods.

Workout apps 

When starting at the gym or working out at home, users begin their journey with very different goals in mind. Some want to lose weight, others want to bulk up, and some want to improve on their cardio. To cater to these very different needs, you need to be able to offer a customised workout plan that’s designed by professionals and helps users reach their long-term fitness goals.

Activity tracking apps 

For any fitness journey to be successful, users need to be able to track their progress. In order to maintain the effort that’s required to transform their physical and mental health, they need to see an improvement. Apps like Strava and wearable devices enable users to track how far they’ve run or cycled, what their resting heart rate is, and how many calories they’ve burned.

Diet and nutrition apps 

Your users can do all the exercise in the world but if their diet and nutrition is poor, all this hard work will be easily undone. But it’s important to remember that diet and nutrition apps don’t have to be about suffering or cutting certain foods out, they can be used to help inspire healthy recipes, ones that are aligned with their fitness goals and provide stats on calories, macros, and deficits.

Benefits of wellness app development

Increased flexibility 

Your users are busy people and they want their workout schedule to work around them. Whether they’re at home, on holiday or travelling for work, 6B’s work in wellness app development means they can access these apps 24/7.

Enhanced engagement 

With a whole host of in-app features like push notifications, discount codes and reward offers, you can ensure that users remain engaged and motivated with their fitness journey, which will in turn increase their affinity with your brand.

Opportunity to monetise your app

One popular strategy to monetise your app is offer both a free and paid version, with our developers limiting certain features in the free app to encourage users to upgrade and switch to the paid version.

User-friendly and easy-to-use 

Beginning a fitness journey can be a daunting prospect for many of your users, particularly if they have no experience. The wellness and mental health apps we create are designed to be functional and easy to use for a complete novice or veteran in the gym.

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