AI: The New Face of Web Design

As the world of digital development becomes evermore competitive and saturated with talented developers and innovative thinkers, the room for repetitive design is non-existent. Whether working on a complex enterprise-level CRM, or a simple customer-facing site, clients are continually looking for new ways to solve old problems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t new but it is becoming recently accessible to a wider range of projects. As technology gets better, developers are becoming smarter and more agile at finding new ways to implement AI into more areas of digital design. Even small, low-budget solutions can be made more streamlined and more cost effective with AI.

Today, we’d like to take a look at why more and more digital agencies are taking a more ‘hands on’ approach to AI innovation, and how AI can help your solution go further.

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is the active intelligence of a programme demonstrated artificially as opposed to the ‘natural’ intelligence of humans. To achieve this, software capable of the complex ‘thinking’ process present in the human mind has to be developed.

AI takes many forms and is present in many more familiar devices that you may think. Mechanics like voice search and auto pilot utilise AI to achieve their designated function and are quite common in modern smartphones, cars, and other home devices like Google’s Home and automated floor and pool cleaners.

AI in Digital Development

It was only a matter of time before AI’s continually ground-braking developments made their way into web and other digital design. At 6B, their uses are largely unparalleled to other existing technology – particularly in CRM development.

6B specialises in the design and development of off-the-shelf and bespoke CRMs – we’ve created CRMs for a variety of businesses in a range of industries, and have the expertise and resources necessary to deliver every project on time and in budget. But how are we using AI?

Intelligent reporting is helping businesses run more efficiently by keeping teams productive and in-the-loop with their resources. Tools like automated advanced filtering and sorting, report generation linked to visual graph creation, and other automated tasks allow for seamless workflow.

Additionally, voice search and tools that easily collate data help to support the digestion of large amounts of sometimes complex and opaque analytics. 6B values creating solutions that are scalable with your business, able to grow alongside your teams, and using AI is the most intuitive solution to creating effective, future-proofed business applications.

6B has also been working to implement AI into web design. This will ultimately help facilitate enhanced user journeys by improving navigation, product/information search, and ease of use; including accessibility functions. We’ve created hundreds of websites for a range of clients and we’re constantly focused on using creative solutions to make your website work smatter.

The most consistent implementation of AI in websites is arguably the chatbot – able to utilise intelligent algorithms and advanced search definitions to locate key areas of the website. Chatbots appear on nearly all modern websites and are a great demonstration of how accessible AI in web design is becoming.

Chatbots work by recognising keywords and using programmed algorithms to make intelligent links to data that will likely be relevant. But they’re not all the same.

Some chatbots are now able to understand a site’s historical data log to better understand the pattern of successful and unsuccessful conversations. In this sense, chatbots are using basic human learning mechanisms, like reflection and processes of elimination, to teach themselves to become more accurate and effective. This is the single biggest demonstration of how AI in web design has the ability to be infinitely scalable.

The result of this is ultimately a more streamlined and better maintained site without the need of constant human supervision – and perhaps that AIs biggest benefit. As businesses can now rely more and more on the automatic processes of AI, human resources can be strategically redistributed to other, more demanding, areas.

Why Choose 6B?

AI isn’t exclusive to CRM and website development, but can also be effectively implemented into headless CMSsmobile apps, and other digital applications to be used both internal and customer facing.

6B is a progressive agency focused on developing intelligent and agile solutions. We understand the importance of remaining flexible and scalable, and our huge catalogue of successful projects is testament to our eye for detail and dedication to customer care.

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