What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the creation of bespoke, personalised software for a business or company. Instead of buying an existing software package, some businesses opt for software specifically designed and created for them by developers. 

In recent years, this has become increasingly popular. More and more businesses out there are recognising the importance of software both in their everyday workings and their long-term success. It is becoming increasingly known that packaged software doesn’t always cut it and that to be successful on the market right now, you need something special.

At 6B, custom software development is our forte. 

We partner with a wide range of clients to deliver transformative software solutions for their businesses. Our team of experienced and skilled software developers have successfully delivered over 100 bespoke applications to clients using .NET, PHP (Laravel), React, Angular, and Vue. Our team have built everything from custom portals, and finance automation systems, to dashboards and stock control systems.  

We believe in the power of custom software development and, in this blog, we want to tell you more about it. In this space, we are going to discuss the benefits of custom software development, why you should consider it for your business, and why you should work with a bespoke development team. 

If by the end, you are convinced, you can chat to us directly about your own vision. 

The benefits of custom software development 

First up, let’s talk about the benefits of custom software development in comparison to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS).  There are quite a few.

Competitive edge

If your company or business has tailor-made software that is particularly designed to meet your goals and requirements, you have a direct competitive advantage over your market counterparts. 

Many other businesses will use off-the-shelf software and decide to call it a day with their software strategy. While this may work enough to make sales, provide a service, or whatever else they do, it will not be on the same level as a company that has a specialised software service that caters to their exact needs.

On that note…

Tailored to your user’s specific needs

Custom software packages are tailored to your exact needs. Rather than using packaged software, adding extensions and messy adaptations, bespoke software gives you the unique opportunity to give your users the experience they need. 

This customer tailoring increases user satisfaction and user loyalty. If your customers can get exactly what they need from your platform, it is much more likely that they will stick around for longer.

A packaged software may give your users just enough of what they are looking for, but if you want to take your business to the next level, you will need to provide exactly what they are looking for.

Increased security coverage

When you work with a software development company to design and build bespoke software, you get much more robust security than you will with off-the-shelf options. 

When a good software development team is building your new software, they can add the security features that you want and need. It is much easier, therefore, to get the type of security your platform specifically needs. 

Easy integration

A big highlight of implementing custom software designed for you by a software development company is the fact that this software can easily integrate into your pre-existing structure and platform. Commercial software won’t fit as easily. Custom software can fit exactly as needed. 

Custom software can easily be designed with the integrations you need in mind. Expert developers can integrate your software with online service providers, third-party software, legacy systems, and so on.

Facilitating future growth 

Bespoke software can integrate into the business you have already established, and it can also facilitate any future growth you continue to have. Having custom software means it is scalable and can grow alongside you and your success. 

If you use an off-the-shelf package, you can easily end up needing to reinvest in a further package down the line if it no longer fits with your expansion. You need something that can grow with you rather than slow you down. 

High ROI potential 

While custom software built by a software development company will be more expensive at the outset of your journey, it has a high ROI potential. Due to the unique and multifaceted benefits we have listed so far in this blog, it is easy to see how custom software can help to generate revenue, improve profit, and provide an overall high ROI. 

Pay now, profit tenfold.

Why you should work with a bespoke software development company 


The first section of this blog has worked hard to show you the benefits and advantages of custom software. It is something that can, in short, help take your business to the next level as you grow, scale and adapt to become the best possible version of yourself. 

In the current climate of high competition and saturated markets, it absolutely pays to stand out from the crowd. Having something special and unique for your users could be the very thing that helps you meet your business goals once and for all. 

So, with that in mind, the next question is, where do you get this bespoke software?

The easy answer is, from a great software development company.

Having a team of expert software developers build and implement your own custom software package has many additional benefits to what we have already discussed. Including, but not entirely limited to:

  • Having control and input over your own platform and service
  • Building reliability and rapport with a team that can help you both now and for a long time to come
  • Expert perspective on your requirements and vision
  • Range of skill that enables what you want to see come to life
  • Speed of completion increases as you can get your project off the ground and launch in record time
  • Increased potential for profit and business growth with an expert set of hands behind the wheel

In summation, working with a software development company can change your life as a business. You can go from amateur to expert levels basically overnight, and experience all the benefits this kind of digital transformation has in store. 

Every great business has great software behind it.

And every piece of software has a great team of developers behind it.

Find your expert team of software developers at 6B

Finding the right bespoke solution for your business can be the very thing that takes your business to the next level. 

At 6B, our team of experts are able to envision, design and implement new software that aligns perfectly with your goals. With all of the technical skill and experience needed to pull it off. 

Our custom software development is integral to who we are as a company. It is what we do best.

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