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6B are an experienced and professional web development agency in Leeds designing and developing high quality large-scale websites, bespoke systems, Jamstack web applications, mobile apps, software, bespoke APIs and complex integrations, AI and automation tools.

We develop applications in Java, Node, C#, PHP, Laravel, .NET Core and Python backend technologies as well as React, Angular and Vue frontend technologies

6B is a web development agency based in Leeds, working with clients in the public and private sectors across a range of different industries throughout the whole of the UK.

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As an experienced web development agency, we are here to help you every step of the way in the web development process. From simple web applications to solve one problem to large scale websites with integrated customer portals, 6B offers a range of bespoke digital services to enhance your online presence, expand your customer reach, and generate more leads.

We are a passionate in-house development team capable of developing anything from large-scale websites, bespoke systems, Jamstack web applications, mobile apps, software, bespoke APIs and complex integrations, AI and automation tools.

Our cross-functional teams, comprised of experienced engineers, UX designers, analysts, architects and product specialists love solving tricky challenges with technology and helping organisations build out their own digital capabilities. Crucially, it’s our commitment to collaboration that makes 6B a little different – we don’t build for you: we build with you.

User-centred Development

In all aspects of our development, our user-focused development team will ensure that your product is created with the user in mind from the start. Our research identifies real user needs which informs design and development, and our rigorous testing process ensures everything is working at optimum performance and speed before release.

But our work as a web development agency isn’t finished once we’ve released your digital product to market. We continue to work with your organisation, offering technical guidance and support, preventative maintenance, and suggesting iterative improvements to enhance your digital offering.

Our extensive web development offering combined with our collaborative approach enables us to build better products faster. We empower your organisation and allow for rapid scaling up and down as project needs change and programmes mature.

Our talented and multi-disciplined web development team are available to help develop websites, eCommerce, web apps, bespoke software, database development, CRM & ERP, progressive web apps and move.

Our core web development technologies include: PHP, Laravel, .NET, React and Javascript.

Devices showcasing Shopify and WordPress websites

Benefits of partnering with 6B for web development

Robust & Secure

As a web development agency, 6B has a wealth of experience working across data-sensitive sectors from healthcare to central and local government, producing a range of complex and secure process-driven bespoke applications and websites that meet regulatory standards and requirements.

With experience in enterprise CRM solutions, large-scale web applications and secure medical platforms, we have the ability to design and develop tailored solutions for each client we partner with.

Flexible & Scalable

Using our unique modular development approach we ensure that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality, and where possible, without requiring new development. We build scalable web applications that perform equally well with an increasing number of users concurrently using your website or app, and traffic decreasing to when it’s at its lowest.

We have developed countless applications to handle business critical services that run 24/7/365 for over five years now.

Integrated Technology

We are specialists in integrating with many applications including medical and healthcare applications, financial, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, accounting, social media and email marketing with specific examples including: Microsoft, Sage, Xero, Stripe, EMIS, Twilio and Open Maps.

We are experts at integrating with online service providers, third party software and legacy systems to deliver a seamless integration process that provides minimal disruption and interference to the daily operations of the clients we serve.

Accessible & Inclusive 

Implementing accessibility best practices across websites and web and mobile applications is a key consideration as a web development agency. We work with clients across the public and private sectors to ensure that the digital solutions we deliver adhere to stringent accessibility guidelines, and remove barriers for users so they can access and navigate online content easily. 

Whether building from scratch or suggesting improvements to an existing application or website, we help your organisation identify traditionally marginalised users and make your content and services accessible to users of all abilities.


As a web development agency, one of the services we specialise in is website design. Users nowadays can reach for a variety of devices to access your online content, so it’s pivotal to your business’ success that your website or web app works as well on a mobile or tablet as it does on desktop. We ensure your website or web app is optimised for a variety of devices to guarantee that it doesn’t lag or perform badly.

It’s all well and good having a nicely designed website, web page or app that functions smoothly, but if your business doesn’t receive traffic, then all of that work goes to waste. For website development, we utilise our knowledge of SEO best practices and guidelines to drive large amounts of traffic to your brand and improve your search engine ranking.

Front-end & Back-end Development

Our team is made up of front-end and back-end developers who work in unison to ensure the product we design and build is both stylish and functional.

The front-end team takes care of everything the user sees, working with best-in-class designers to achieve an interface that delivers on appearance and usability – building everything from single page applications to mobile apps. The back-end team delivers highly scalable, well-configured coding across a number frameworks to support this, working alongside your team and our front-end developers to ensure the project vision is realised.

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Centralising content for simplicity

“We’ve enjoyed working with 6B immensely over the past few years to launch and further develop the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust website. From the initial discovery phase through to planning and delivery, the project has been a success, and we’ve continued to work with the team to enhance, maintain and improve the platform through regular discussions and planned maintenance.”

Natalie Lee, Web and Digital Design Communications Officer, NHS Somerset

What is a web development agency?

As a web development agency, our primary focus is to assist your business in getting the digital products you need to market quicker. By combining cutting-edge design and development centred around usability for your end users, our in-house multidisciplinary team helps bring your business’ ideas to life and enhances your online presence.

Once your new web development has gone live, 6B are here to assist you with technical support and practical knowledge on an ongoing basis. From preventative maintenance and ongoing support plans under a service-level agreement, to digital marketing services including search engine optimisation and pay-per-click, we are here to help support your business and ensure you get the most out of what we’ve built.

As is true with any web development agency worth its salt, 6B will continue to manage the hosting of your website, application or software, as we are the ones who will build it. We use the same hosting domain for our own website, as well as the rest of the web development platforms we host for clients, but each platform is managed individually to avoid security breaches.

At 6B, we work with a variety of CMS from WordPress to Umbraco and Kentico, along with many leading eCommerce CMS such as Shopify and Magento. When it comes to deciding on which one will best serve your business, we will guide you through the entire process to help you make an informed choice. WordPress works well for many websites – it is open-source, it has a large development community with thousands of plugins and it is widely used and trusted. However, it may not be the right solution for your website. We’ll explore the various options in depth before settling on a solution that suits the needs of your customers.

It’s also integral for your website to operate as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop, so building a website that’s mobile friendly is a top priority for us here at 6B. The process of doing this will take one of two approaches; we’ll either build your website for desktop and then scale down and simplify the website for mobile, or we’ll adopt a mobile-first strategy which prioritises mobile build and then the desktop version will follow. Whichever approach you choose is entirely up to you.

How do I know if my business needs a web development agency?

The majority of customers will search for a company online before making a purchase, so the importance of having an online presence cannot be overstated. Regardless of what industry you operate in, having a strong online presence establishes credibility among your customer base, helps you generate more leads, and ultimately, generates more revenue for your business. 

Your website or app is in effect an online window into your brand, but instead of the steady footfall of a high-street, everyone is able to see it. It’s likely to be the first thing that customers will see when interacting with your brand for the first time. The quality of what products and services you sell will be judged immediately off the appearance of your online presence. Ask yourself this question: if you were choosing between two brands that sell an identical product for the same price, would you go with the one that has a modern or out of date looking online presence? 

If you have an existing digital platform in place, then that’s a useful starting point for any web development agency. It will give us an insight into what functionality, features and design you’re already dealing with, and allow us to suggest improvements for web development. It also means that you can continue to keep the old platform live while we build the new one. Once we’re ready to go live with the new platform, we’ll swap it over, maintaining your current domain for continuity, which means you’ll barely notice a dip in traffic.

The cost of web development will depend entirely on the complexity of the web development you’d like us to build for you, and whether we’re starting from scratch or improving something that already exists. The best thing to do is to talk to us directly. Let us know what functions and features you would like to include, and then we can provide an estimate. We work with clients of all sizes and can provide a bespoke digital solution that matches your budget. 

We recognise that paying for web development is a huge investment. For most projects of this size, we will require an upfront payment and then the rest of the cost can be spread out over monthly installments. We will work with your business to find a payment solution that works for you, and more importantly, stays within your stipulated budget. 

The complexity of the web development project will also dictate how long it will take to complete. A simple brochure website can be designed and developed in around four to six weeks if we move quickly, with the average website taking around eight weeks. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that you get the website that your business demands in a timeframe that works for you.

How much input will I have during the development process?

Every project we undertake at 6B is built on the premise of continuous collaboration. After all, no one knows your business better than you. At every stage of the project you’ll be informed of our intentions and plan of action, and if something doesn’t sound right or you want to take things in a different direction, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll make the necessary adjustments. 

If there is something urgent you’d like to speak to us about, all you have to do is pick up the phone or drop us a line. And if you’d like to set up regular meetings with an account manager or developer throughout the project, this can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, either at our office or via video call.  

During the initial stages of research, 6B will sit down with you and your team to listen to exactly what you want from your digital product, and then we’ll decide on the level of complexity it will need to achieve this. Once you have distilled what information you would like to convey to your customers, we can work with you to begin organising a layout for your digital product. 

Ultimately, you will drive this conversation but we’ll use our expertise to steer you in the right direction in accordance with your budget and time restraints.

Partnering with the right web development agency will be crucial to the success of your project. You’ll need to determine their compatibility with your business and decide on what level of support you’ll need during development and beyond. At 6B, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients. 

We like to sit down with all prospective clients to determine these things, so we can understand what it is you need from us and what bespoke solution we can provide to best meet your needs. A face-to-face meeting allows us to fully understand your business and to identify areas where we can add value to help you achieve your business objectives.

At 6B, we handle every aspect of the web development process, from registering your domain name to analysing key performance metrics once your digital product has gone live.

Can you help my digital product rank high on Google searches?

Whenever we start a new website development project for a client, SEO performance is one of the principal considerations that informs design and development. We have a team of talented designers and developers who can make a great looking design, but if you aren’t ranking effectively on search engines then no one other than people who already know about your company will see it.

We use a specific software to track the keywords you want to rank highly for that will update every day. It will give a detailed breakdown of how you are currently performing and provide an insight into how you can better boost your overall ranking and generate more organic traffic. We’ll also give you access to a monthly report so you can inspect the numbers.

Populating content is something we’re also able to assist with. We will help you source photos for the platform we build and this is included as standard, so there’s no added cost for this service. We will use professional sites such as Shutterstock to source appropriate imagery and obtain your approval before we purchase them. 

When it comes to written content, you are the experts in your field, so you will be best placed to write content. However, we do have an in-house content team, made up of copywriters and SEO specialists, who you can edit your writing or write original content at an extra cost. In this case, you would liaise with our client services team, who will then brief the content team, and then content will be sent to you for approval as and when it is written.

Why hire a web development agency?

6B have a wealth of experience as a web development agency, designing and building bespoke digital products for clients operating in a range of different industries. Our experience and technical expertise not only means that we’re able to deliver a digital product faster than you would in-house, but it also means we’re familiar with regulatory requirements and accessibility standards, which your digital product must legally adhere to. 

Ultimately, the digital product we’ve built will be bespoke to your business requirements – it will resonate with your end users and it will be specifically designed to help you achieve your goals – so it will be yours to keep . Upon project completion and sign off, we will send you all files related to the project so that you have total control of the final web development product.

6B’s unique web development process

Brief: This is where the process begins. You give us an overview of what you’d like to achieve during the project, and we start to take a top level look at your organisation. We assess the challenges you face and the digital platform currently in place, so we can devise a defined product strategy and suggest a solution.

Breakthrough: We take a deep dive into your organisation, establishing your business objectives, who your end users are and what they want from your online presence. We conduct extensive user research and testing to ensure we’ve identified problems your users encounter and provide solutions to solve these problems. Our developers work with you to ensure the design looks and functions exactly how you envisioned it would, creating a user-centric design that’s intuitive and enhances user experience.

Build: With the design signed off and agreed upon, we take over and begin to work our magic bringing your idea to life. Our web development team will then run a series of tests, assessing everything from user journey to button functionality on different browsers, before providing a report.

Best Practice: Once the build phase has been completed, it’s time for us to conduct a final stage of rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure your digital product is functioning how it should be before the launch date. Using best practice testing methods, we’ll guarantee that your solution is performing at optimum level and there are no bugs or faults present.

Boost: After your solution has been launched, our work is far from finished. We will track and monitor performance of what we’ve built using data and analytics to show how it’s outperforming your old solution, as well as using SEO metrics to achieve the best organic search results on Google. And if your internal team needs it, we’ll assist with digital adoption and skill enablement to make sure they are fully equipped to get the most out of what we’ve built.

Beyond: Now that your solution is live, we can start to provide iterative improvements so your business can continue to deliver a next-level user experience. We’ll devise a future-focused roadmap that will include iterations on what we’ve built, exploring further features and functionality to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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