Central Government Digital Services

We are a central government digital services provider based in Leeds, and working with central government organisations in Leeds, London and throughout the UK. From central government website design and development to central government digital service delivery and central government digital innovation, 6B are an experienced central government digital agency focused on rapid delivery and enabling digital growth and change in organisations.

Central Government Digital Transformation

As a central government digital agency, 6B are experienced at central government digital transformations. We have worked with central and local government organisations including Public Health England, Leeds Council, Manchester Council, Bradford Council and many more to deliver transformative digital services.

When working with government organisations, our focus is on: enabling rapid delivery of digital services using agile methodologies, on-site working so we can truly get to know your team and enable change and knowledge sharing, providing opportunities for disadvantaged and under-represented people in society e.g. apprentices.

Naturally, citizens have high expectations of digital services provided by central government organisations; as society and services are moving increasingly online it is a government’s duty to enable the best possible digital services for the public.

Delivering bold digital advancement across government

With government priorities changing daily, 6B understands the need to deliver rapid robust, flexible and transformative digital services to improve outcomes for citizens and civil servants as quickly as possible.

We work closely with central government organisations to transform how they design, build and deliver digital services. Working at all stages in the agile project lifecycle from discovery to alpha, beta, live and retirement, 6B are an experienced central government digital services agency you can trust for your project.

We help central government in a number of areas, including:
digital transformation, culture & capabilities, innovation, digital government, legacy systems, cloud and infrastructure.

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Why choose 6B?

  • We collaborate closely with internal teams to deliver accelerated digital services alongside empowering internal teams with new process and technology skills.
  • We have a proven track record of working with central government organisations.
  • We put people first. Our aim ultimately is to improve things for people – from technology to process and culture, we aim to have a positive impact on teams and end users with our work.
  • To help you get started, we’re happy to provide a first discovery session free of charge to get 6B expertise on the ground, in your organisation.

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