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There are many factors currently driving digital change in the vehicle leasing sector…

… be it tech advancement and shifting customer expectations, or the lengthy, manual internal processes still heavily in use.


Digitisation can have an impact across the board – whether your focus is on the fleet management and supply chain services that come with B2B contracts, or the opportunity in the B2C market posed by still-falling private ownership numbers.


Having been the technical partner behind several vehicle leasing organisations, we understand the growing complexity of the market, how technology can help set you apart from competitors, as well as the potential barriers to adoption you might face.

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Challenges facing today's vehicle leasing companies


Slow, outdated systems that waste resources. The manual processes around fleet management and supply chains that still plague your company. Or are eco-efficiency values the focus for you, as more restrictions come into play around congestion, emissions and fleet safety, while demand for electric vehicles is on the rise?

Customer service 

In 2020, a Capgemini study found that 72% of customers surveyed expected to be able to complete their entire vehicle leasing journey online. This figure is only set to rise as digital consumer behaviour calls for more online touchpoints with your team, stronger self-service offerings, but with the personalised touch they’ve come to expect from their wider purchasing experiences. Seamless channel integration and convenience are key to new and existing loyalty.

End-to-end automation

Whether it’s stock and fleet management for larger contracts, or the fulfilment of emerging consumer needs online, manual processes cannot be relied upon anymore for speed and efficiency (when compared to the fierce competition of today’s market). The key to success – and the current gap for many – is end-to-end system automation that reduces human error and risk, while boosting results.

Big data analytics 

Vehicle leasing companies have a wealth of data available to them that can be used to improve their business, predict trends and help evolve their offering to fit the rapid pace of the market. Prognostics data, internal processes, customer preferences, user journeys, stock control – the issue is, where do you start in turning thousands of data points into useful, productive action?

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Subscription popularity 

Consumers don’t want to be tied to one vehicle. They want low maintenance costs, flexibility and constant access to newer products (as they’ve come to expect elsewhere). The evolving priorities of this customer base mean that they care less about car ownership, and more about changing vehicle usage. For B2C businesses, the rising demand for this subscription model for vehicle leasing poses a new and unique set of challenges.

How web and mobile can help solve them

Success is subjective, which is why we start every project by defining success – what does “a great solution” mean to you? There are a whole host of benefits to investing in the digital presence of your vehicle leasing offering, including:


  • Business growth – Eliminating costly manual procedures, automating lengthy supply chain activities and providing a modern foundation for technical expansion, will help future-proof your company with a digital offering that evolves as you do
  • Greater service – Regardless of B2B or B2C, utilising all those rich data points can personalise the customer experience, provide you with greater business insights and ultimately inform your platform and service roadmaps. Plus, the integration between online and offline channels will mean maximum convenience for the customer, which breeds brand loyalty
  • Ahead of the pack – A premium user experience that leans into new trends (like the rising subscription demand and on-the-go needs), and uses web and mobile development best practice to set you apart from the competition, creates a truly unique industry prospect amongst an uncertain landscape

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Recent research suggests that the top three barriers to digitisation in the Vehicle Leasing sector are culture, system capabilities and skills. Luckily, our team can assist with all three, helping you encourage that critical digital mindset shift.


After designing and building well over 100 bespoke systems, we’re confident we can help you. But don’t take our word for it – check out our latest case study with Cars on Demand.


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