Digital transformation change adoption

6B drives digital transformation change adoption to ensure that your organisation is up to date with the latest technology.
Through integration, mobile apps, web apps and websites, 6B can strategise and implement change adoption to ensure your organisation is complying with legal, government and healthcare directives and standards.
When new initiatives and systems are released, it is essential that your change adoption strategy works as quickly and seamlessly as possible so that your organisation can comply with new directives and take advantage of technological breakthroughs.
6B can assist with resistance management and communicate change to stakeholders as well as provide coaching and training to ensure senior leadership teams, junior members of staff and everyone in between are onboarded with your new way of working.

Change Adoption Strategy

6B creates a change adoption strategy through our diagnostic tools to understand the appetite for change and drive maximum adoption levels.
Stakeholder mapping ensures that everybody in your organisation’s team is on the same page and we work with senior leadership to ensure they are aligned with the goals of change and to implement change on the ground. Our communication and engagement plans also ensure that all members of staff see and feel the benefits of change adoption.
We implement change and measure its effectiveness through user feedback, stakeholder feedback and reporting metrics, identifying pinch points to ensure that change is embraced as much as possible.
All changes we recommend and implement are ISO27001 accredited and our DevOps and automation processes ensure that change makes a real difference to employee productivity and user experience.
Through change adoption with 6B, you can improve employee satisfaction and engagement, keep up to date with the latest developments in standards, directives and technology and benefit from the opportunities that change adoption brings.

We know how critical team buy-in is to a successful digital transformation.


6B assists with resistance management, helps communicate change to stakeholders and provides coaching and training. We aim to ensure that everyone from senior leadership teams to junior teams are onboarded properly when it comes to your system or ways of working updates.


After assessing your current state of affairs and how employees work, we design change strategies to drive maximum adoption levels from your staff. Through awareness, desire, knowledge and ability, we implement this strategy, measuring the effectiveness of our interventions through reporting metrics.


We also listen to feedback from stakeholders and users to identify and manage how these new implementations have performed.

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What does change adoption mean for my organisation?

6B can implement a diagnostic tool to understand the appetite for digital transformation and carry out impact assessments to measure how change will affect your staff, technology, processes and systems.

We carry out stakeholder mapping to advise our approach to implementing digital change across teams and departments, and ensure senior leadership teams are in a position where they can lead and support change adoption policies.

Our strategy measures the impact of digital change through key metric tracking to outline the benefits of alterations made. Through communication and engagement plans, which may include changing your organisation’s networks to facilitate change, we can increase adoption while providing bitesize digital learning content to help end users understand change to any of your products.

Why should you embrace change?

Through 6B’s change adoption strategy and management, your organisation can ensure the success of system or initiative adoption across your workforce that aligns with your programme objectives.

This is especially important if digital change is required due to new legal, government or healthcare directives and standards.

Through ingratiating users with the programme, they’re less likely to resist change as we tailor our communication and change methods to suit specific teams.

Our approach always takes previous learnings and culture into account, so we ensure that teams are supported to adopt future agile digital change.

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Why choose 6B to implement changes in your organisation?

Change adoption experience – From government organisations to large-scale private sector companies and even startups, we’ve consulted on a wide range of digital change adoption strategy and implementation

Technology agnostic – Our team follows best practices to find change adoption strategies that work best for your organisation’s aims and objectives

Security compliant – Any changes that are suggested and adopted follow ISO 27001 policies and procedures

Support team – We’ll always be there to provide ongoing support, ensuring that changes are fully understood and taken over by your organisation

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More adoption insights

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