Digital Product Strategy

6B is a digital product strategy agency that works on digital product strategy with national organisations in healthcare and local government, as well as funded startups and other bodies to identify opportunities.

A coherent digital product strategy gives you clarity and a foundation with which you can build an agile and data-driven product roadmap.

6B’s multidisciplinary team will help you shape your digital product strategy, creating clear and realistic milestones on your product roadmap.

As part of our digital product strategy plan, we focus on how your team’s culture and environment impacts on how you operate. This allows us to work in tandem to devise a strategy that works around your unique business requirements.

Our product strategy agency also details your product vision. This should map out who the customer is, what values those customers have, and how these need to be in mind throughout every stage of the digital product strategy.


During the discovery stage, it is important to bring stakeholders, developers, designers and researchers together. Ideas can be iterated and risks assessed to come up with a product that fulfils user need, and meets stakeholder criteria.

Functionality and capturing the user’s requirements are key to ensuring the success of your product.

By working closely together, we mark out key milestones on your product vision to develop a product journey that is clear, transparent and meets your specifications.

Accelerating product delivery

We commit ourselves to working collaboratively with your team, instilling a test and learn mentality at every stage of product development.

Our team is adept at taking a product from initial vision to finished article. We define your idea, build the platform and test it to ensure that user needs are fulfilled, providing practical support at every stage of the product roadmap.

We build and develop a minimum viable product, allowing our respective teams to receive valuable early feedback on the development of your product.

We build on established agile methods to break features down into incremental releases.

With each iteration of your product, we assess performance and reprioritise your roadmap to deliver value based on evidence provided by data.

We deliver new features to your product when our team conducts a sprint, ensuring that they are well-tested with every release.

Ongoing product development

6B is not just a provider of technology – we partner and work together with your team to deliver a product that innovates and delights.

Our benefits include:

  • Knowledge transfer – Our digital product strategy agency works alongside your team to ensure you have the organisational capabilities to maintain and improve your product, providing team augmentation if required.
  • Resource planning – 6B works with your team to deliver your stakeholder’s long-term objectives for your product, using data and analytics to inform our decisions. 
  • Agile methodology – Through regularly garnering user feedback using scrum, kanban and lean methods, our team can implement improvements to your product quicker than the traditional waterfall method. 
  • Continual performance improvement – Every time an iteration is released, we assess your product’s performance, which allows us to adjust your product roadmap if priorities change, delivering comprehensive value for your stakeholders and users.

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