Development Team Augmentation

From launching a new product to complex replatforming projects, 6B understands that focusing on developing your people can glean the best results, as well as your technology.

6B will augment your team to give you the people and skills required to upskill your digital output, always working collaboratively and with Agile methodologies in mind.

By increasing the size and productivity of your team, you will be able to gain valuable insight that will provide greater ease of use when it comes to your users adapting their behaviour to your product, whether it mobile apps, progressive web apps or emerging technology.

Why expand my team?

Team augmentation helps if there is a critical element you are missing to develop a product. There may be a specific skillset that is lacking in your existing team. 6B’s development expertise will help deliver a product strategy quicker or help you divert resources to other projects for your in-house team.

6B’s team augmentation service aims to fill the skills gap so that an intuitive product can be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How does it work?

6B will listen to your technical and cultural needs and fulfil those by augmenting a suitable candidate or candidates that fit in with your team and product requirements.

After searching for your ideal candidate or candidates, we create a shortlist for you to choose from.

When recruiting your ideal development team, we are able to provide appropriate training and equipment for your team to be able to work efficiently in an office environment or at home.

HR, IT, recruitment and administrative needs are all organised by 6B.

6B will help monitor your team’s performance to ensure ROI and our front end and back end developers are an endless source of advice to guide you on your product journey.

6B is passionate about providing collaborative products. We do not just give you candidates and technology – we partner with you to deliver bespoke software that will delight users and fulfil your organisation’s requirements.

There are five main benefits 6B can provide when it comes to team augmentation:

  • Save time – We can source the ideal candidates for you, reducing product development time from several months to just four to six weeks
  • Skilled developers – You can work with the most skilled developers in the industry, with specialised teams that can give you sound technical advice
  • Product management – You can delegate appropriate operational and technical tasks to the right technicians with the right skills
  • Maintain control – Your extended team will be your team, allowing you complete autonomy over performance, scale and communication
  • Every member of staff that is onboarded will also learn and understand your culture to provide a seamless fit into your existing modus operandi.

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