iOS App Development Company UK

6B are an iOS app development company based in the UK, servicing businesses, government organisations in the UK, UK private companies and startups in the UK to provide iOS app development that puts your end users first.

Through our discovery sprint, solution sprint, delivery sprint and deployment sprint, 6B’s technical architects and iOS app developers in the UK work with you to create secure and high performing mobile apps for iOS devices including the iPad, Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Our iOS app development company UK use Swift and Objective-C to develop high performing apps that excel across Apple’s extensive iOS enabled hardware.

iOS App Development UK

6B works with healthtech companies, finance organisations and many others across a range of industries to integrate complex data across the Apple iOS network. We test and iterate your mobile app using agile methodologies to deliver fast performance in a secure way. Our iOS app development is based on evidence and data, always placing your user journey at the forefront of our development process.

Apple App Development UK

From the beginning of our Apple iOS app development, our UK iOS app developers conduct an extensive Discovery phase to map out your customer journey and your business objectives. Our technical architects and iOS app developers are available for project recovery, bespoke development, app consultancy and iOS audits. Using the Swift programming language, 6B works on multiple device types, including iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS to deliver apps and software that your users will love and that fill gaps in the market.

iOS app development requirements

6B uncovers your iOS app development requirements, constantly searching for the latest feature updates so that we can deliver a successful, secure and powerful app to be used across Apple’s extensive range of hardware.

We follow dual-track agile processes to iterate your app at every stage of development, making the most of user feedback and stakeholder feedback to refine and perfect your product, helping you to deliver an app that your users will love.

Utilising the latest Apple technologies to deliver high performance iOS apps, we work in a range of industries from healthcare to professional services. Our iOS developers are experienced working with startups, government organisations and blue-chip companies to develop complex apps across a multitude of Apple devices.

Our iOS developers maximise the potential of Apple’s integrated development environment to test and iterate the display and design of your app. As well as Apple phones, we develop digital products for the Apple Watch, iPad and Apple TV.

Maximising iOS success

Using the Swift programming language, our native iOS apps provide quick and reliable performance and utilise the latest Apple-native functionality including geolocation, gyroscope, camera, Apple Pay, voice control and a range of other features.

As well as designing, building and maintaining iOS applications, our developers help you optimise your app for the App Store to drive downloads and growth. Our agile methodology allows us to continually collaborate with you, from design to development, launch and iOS app marketing, 6B are here to maximise your iOS success.

Every project we work on has a basis on evidence and data, with your end objective always at the forefront. Our team looks to build beyond your base expectations, delivering sustainable and long term iOS solutions that put your users first.

We deliver iOS projects that are scalable with multiple cross-platform development stacks, making the most of our years of experience to assist you in providing a product that ends the search for your users.

We support several device types, including iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS for powerful and secure user experiences.

Our iOS app development services include project rescue for urgent support, bespoke development, consultancy for long-term support or urgent short-term fixes and iOS audits to assess your current state of play.

We are available for UK businesses at every stage of the iOS app development company UK process, from technical architecture and feature mapping to utilising the power of user research and researching feature updates.

Our iOS development process

AT 6B our iOS development process follows four key stages:


  • Discovery sprint – We work with you to uncover your business objectives, learn your commercial model and understand your users. We can define your KPIs, learn what constitutes success for you and give technical and iOS product guidance.
  • Solution sprint – We delve into the details of your iOS product, including carrying out user research. We map your customer journey at a high level, building wireframes and finding out how stakeholders and users will interact with your app.
  • Delivery sprint – We utilise an iterative process following dual-track agile principles to develop and refine your iOS product, allowing stakeholder and user feedback to inform developer decisions on ways to improve your app.
  • Deployment sprint – We work with you to release your iOS product in a secure and seamless fashion, ensuring the handover process runs smoothly so that we can maximise the success of your product.

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