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WordPress Design UL and WordPress web design by 6B Digital. 6B are a passionate WordPress development agency made up of web designers, web developers and digital marketing specialists in the UK.

We design and develop high quality WordPress websites and web applications at speed. We specialise in high-quality, bespoke WordPress web design, as well as bespoke web development on WordPress. We are proficient at developing plugins for WordPress to allow the development of advanced and bespoke functionality to a high standard, and at a reasonable price.

WordPress Web Design UK

Our dedicated and professional in-house, UK-based WordPress design team of industry experts are highly experienced in all things WordPress, including dynamic design, complex integration, and advanced SEO. We are highly skilled in all facets of WordPress design, development and website hosting, and are the leading WordPress development agency in the UK. Our catalogue of successful and high-quality WordPress developments far exceeds our competition, establishing 6B as the number one WordPress agency in the UK.

WordPress Agency UK

6B are a WordPress development agency, based in UK, working with clients across the UK, and elsewhere as professional WordPress website developers in the UK.

WordPress Development Agency UK

As experienced WordPress web developers in UK, we also offer complex software integration, API development and bespoke web application development, and enterprise-level website development. From small one page websites to large-scale bespoke websites, 6B offers a range of WordPress web design services to push your brand forwards and grow your business.

System integrations can be messy – but with the right partner, they shouldn’t be.


The most important part of a system integration is the team who’s delivering it. Their expertise, their ways of working, their understanding of the regular challenges that come up (and how to handle them with minimal business disruption) all go together to shape a successful system migration.


After working on countless system integration projects, we completely understand how overwhelming choosing a technical partner can be, which is why we’ve narrowed down our offering into three core areas:


  • 1. Legacy system modernisation – critical to any developing business hoping to expand with its customer base
  • 2. HealthTech integration – this requires a skillset and level of understanding not available with most technical partners
  • 3. API development and integration – ensure your systems all talk to one another in a smooth, simple way


No matter what size or scale your business is, or what stage you’re up to with your system integration project, we’re here to support you.

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Common system integration challenges


If you’re plagued by overly complex workflows, unnecessary processes and resource issues, a poor system infrastructure could be the root cause – and be dragging down your ROI when it comes to order fulfilment and customer service.

NVA time

All that wasted time and resource that you can’t charge to the client? This is a big one for B2B businesses in particular – non-value added time can easily pile up if there’s a system integration issue under the surface of your technical architecture.

Stagnant growth

When your system reaches breaking point, your business development team does too. It can’t take any more traffic or updates, and this compounds over time holding back your team, your revenue and any efforts to scale up.

Application Management

High risk

A huge concern for all businesses – poorly built systems leave you open to human error, but also to hackers. In today’s digital landscape, the need to maximise security and protect sensitive customer data is paramount.

Our legacy system offering.


Legacy software modernisation can be tricky waters to navigate – that’s why we make it our mission to simplify and streamline this process as much as possible for our clients.


Often developed over many years, legacy infrastructure may be undocumented, with deep system knowledge held by only a small number of long-standing team members.


Our legacy software technical architects will collaborate with your team using agile methodologies. Together, we’ll redefine your digital processes via expert migration tactics, to a modern technology stack.

Transform your legacy system


“6B Digital have been an outsourced development partner for IgniteData for the past 3 years, working on several web, design and system build projects. The main project has been the development of Archer, our advanced EHR to EDC application.

“Archer has recently gained huge traction with pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, who have commented on the quality of the functionality and user interface. Over the course of our time working with 6B Digital they have continued to grow in both size and professional maturity. This is a testament to their ability to listen, learn and adapt quickly – a key skill when trying to run agile development projects.”

Richard Yeatman, Chief Technical Officer, IgniteData

Our core offering in HealthTech.


Technology has taken hold of the HealthTech market; it’s transforming patient outcomes, boosting internal performance and (in the case of our client IgniteData) paving the way for start-ups who are determined to revolutionise the industry.


But – there’s one key logistical challenge that’s leaving many companies wide open to risk: Electronic Health Record (EHR) access.


That’s where we come in – where there’s tech, there’s the need for a strong technical partner with a wealth of sector experience and integration knowledge.


No matter what the product, our HealthTech offering will help you put the patient first with seamless, bespoke system integrations, delivered at speed to the highest security standards.

Our HealthTech offering

Our API integration services.


API integration and development can transform your organisation, keeping your data in sync, enhancing your productivity and driving revenue.


Our API development approach is underpinned by the principles of reliability, security and ease of use. Our team of skilled API experts can support you in building bespoke, versatile, consistent APIs that enable seamless interoperability with third party systems.


But what is API development, and how does 6B differ to other suppliers? Take a look…

Our API services

System integration insights

System integration insights

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Common myths that prevent businesses from replacing their legacy systems

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Three key strategies for legacy system transformation

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The transformative impact of digital in healthcare

Healthcare providers have always been pressured to provide value for money and improve efficiency. From system integration to enhanced patient care, used in the right way, digital can be nothing short of transformative to the sector.

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