We work with CTOs and CIOs to build and expand development teams, we are a leading development partner of choice for IT departments seeking flexibility, scalability and speed of deployment.

Problems we solve for CTOs

We understand the challenges facing CTOs, from recruitment and retention challenges to resourcing sufficient capacity for operational density across a number of skill sets. At 6B we work closely with CTOs and IT departments to solve key problems-

Talent shortage on the local market – with our large team of developers, you can build or extend your development capability in weeks, not months.

New projects with tight deadlines – when a new business opportunity arrives but your in-house team is engaged in other projects, we help you scale up easily and stay flexible

Technical debt in existing products – we can help with tech stack migration, updating legacy software, migrating from monolithic to microservice architecture and implementing new solutions.

Scalable infrastructure in cloud – our DevOps engineers can help to design and build scalable and secure cloud infrastructure – using Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure and more

Intuitive and modern front-end – our frontend developers and UX/UI specialists will design and develop modern SPA interfaces for your digital products using React, Angular and Vue.

Complex large-scale digital services – our developers have experience delivering large-scale digital services for local government, central government and blue-chip organisations, we can develop microservices, APIs, digital platforms and frameworks, modular programs, etc.

Your outsourced development department

There are a number of reasons IT departments hire 6B as their outsourced development department, including:

Speed – save time searching, interviewing, testing, hiring and waiting for long notice periods to expire, move fast and get started within a couple of weeks with a dedicated senior development team at 6B.

Flexibility – hiring in-house means long-term commitments and fixed resources in specific skill sets meaning limited capacity to grow, hire 6B resources and flex in and out of senior development talent as required for your client projects.

Consistency – we offer dedicated teams, including delivery managers, designers, technical architects, developers, quality assurance executives and more. Work with the same team each time and develop relationships similar to working with an in-house team.

Cost – recruitment and retention is expensive and competitive, we offer partner rates, designed to work for everyone and to ensure your margins are preserved and 6B remains a competitive option compared to hiring in-house.

Outsourcing vs traditional contracting

Traditional contracting for web development and mobile development projects can result in a significant waste of time and money with a poor outcome. Contracting development involves effort before a project starts to select a vendor, there is no true understanding of capability until development is under-way and traditionally contracted vendors can be expensive.

Working with 6B as an outsourced development partner is better than traditional contracting. Contact 6B today and start with a small sample project to test our service and delivery and then proceed to work with us under several flexible engagement models.

Why IT departments love working with 6B

We work with a number of IT departments on an ongoing basis, both as a white-label service provider and working directly with clients under a transparent agreement. IT departments love working in partnership with 6B for a number of reasons:

  • We aim to feel like a very natural extension to your department, working with your extended team at 6B will feel the same as working with your in-house team.
  • We like to work with popular and best-in-class development and communication tools including: Jira and Confluence, Asana, Trello, Slack, Gitlab/hub, Google business tools, Figma,
  • Our large development team is capable of delivering projects in a number of popular programming languages including: .NET, Laravel, PHP, Python, Javascript, React, React Native, Angular, Vue JS, Typescript, Node.js.
  • Flexibility to work on ad-hoc projects or under a long-term commitment gives CTOs the flexibility they need during periods of growth or change
  • A 6B development team can be deployed at speed, we can jump onto projects in a ‘crisis state’ and work fast to take over delivery and get a project back on track
  • We aim to share knowledge and upskill internal teams, ensuring where appropriate in-house teams have full understanding and capability to continue development independently

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