Content modelling

Content modelling by 6b. 6B is a specialist content modelling digital agency. We can provide content modelling, which includes a comprehensive analysis of your information architecture, whilst supporting your team’s internal processes, and helping to engage users.

Users require content to perform specific functions via a website, app or system – 6B’s content modelling ensures that your content is user-focused, and delivers the information your users need to complete a task.

As a specialist content modelling agency, 6B analyses the structure of your content in detail, and how individual pieces of content relate to, and interact with, other content across your website, app or system.

We then create a detailed picture of your information architecture, including a content hierarchy depicting where and how content should be used across your solution.

Content modelling agency

6B conducts a comprehensive review of your content, to build a detailed picture of your information architecture. This is then used to identify any relationships, gaps, or instances where your content can be repurposed or reused.

6B’s content modelling provides designers and developers with a clear framework for creating a website, app or system, with clear guidelines for the location and type of content that will be used across a system.

We can also provide guidance on the creation of content, so that your organisation is able to create targeted content that meets your users’ requirements.

6B’s content modelling services deliver on your user goals, and provide lasting value to your organisation.

Users are accessing a website, app or system to perform a function – to complete a task – and in order to perform that function, they need access to relevant content.

6B’s content modelling process provides an in-depth analysis of the function and purpose of your content – its structure, and how each type of content works independently and as part of a collective.

The result, when applied to a website, app or bespoke software, is an information architecture, and a wider solution, that delivers on your user goals, and provides value to your organisation.

Understanding your information architecture

A crucial stage of the content modelling process is a comprehensive content audit.

We complete a sweep of your existing content, reviewing all content across your site, to get an idea of its size, scale and complexity, and how well it is performing.

Content is then categorised, so that we can build a detailed picture of your information architecture.

We categorise content according to your ideal user profiles, and their respective user journeys, so that we can understand how your content is serving users, and guiding them towards their “goals” – completing a purchase, for example.

Once we have developed a detailed understanding of your information architecture, we look at the relationship between your content types, and how each content type functions in relation to other content.

Informing CMS development…

6B’s content modelling informs and assists our developers when implementing a content management system (CMS), and ensures the CMS functionality enables you to deliver content to your target audiences.

…and the design process

Content modelling informs and assists our design process – we create a list of content elements that are required within a design, and how the content needs to be delivered across different devices.

This ensures your content reaches your target audiences, regardless of the device they are using to access your solution.

Guiding content creators

As part of the content modelling process, we provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding the content required for each section of your solution, along with tips for creating effective content.

Why choose 6B for content modelling

  • We have delivered content modelling services to countless organisations across the UK, using established, tried-and-tested content modelling techniques
  • We have an experienced, in-house team of content architects and content creators, who have worked with leading organisations to analyse and improve their information architecture
  • We provide an in-depth analysis of your content, to ensure it meets the needs of your organisation and your customers
  • 6B’s content modelling process assists and informs service design and the design and development process, resulting in a user-focused solution, which delivers effective content to your target audiences.

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