Digital health systems development

Digital health systems development by 6B. 6B delivers digital health systems development to healthcare organisations across the UK, creating cutting-edge healthcare apps that are delivering significant improvements to the wider healthcare sector.

6B has an in-depth understanding of the wider healthcare environment, and works with healthcare organisations across the UK to deliver innovative healthcare web apps.

6B is capable of designing and developing healthcare web apps that support healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes – improving efficiency for healthcare organisations, and supporting patients on an ongoing basis.

As a specialist digital health systems development provider, 6B is capable of providing a range of healthcare web apps, including:

  • Digital care apps, which the immediate and ongoing care of patients
  • Personalised care apps, which provide bespoke, targeted support for individuals, such as tracking medical adherence
  • Health and wellbeing apps, which provide patients with ongoing activities and support to manage their health and wellbeing
  • Vital signs monitoring and electronic observations, to monitor, measure and analyse patient vital signs
  • Remote care and monitoring, which healthcare providers and users in the management of symptoms
  • Social prescribing apps, enabling patients to be referred to local organisations and support services

6B has a team of UX/UI experts that work with healthcare organisations across the UK to design intuitive healthcare web apps that deliver on user experience. Our team of developers have extensive experience building responsive healthcare web apps that are compliant with NHS and accessibility guidelines.

6B delivers healthcare web apps that provide multiple benefits for both patients and healthcare providers, facilitating communication, immediate and ongoing care, and research.

Digital care apps

The healthcare sector is facing a number of challenges, including rising demand, a growing number of individuals with complex care needs, and a wider socio-political landscape in which funding and resources are increasingly scarce.

6B creates digital care web apps that tackle these challenges and deliver benefits to patients and providers. This includes a range of tools to manage personal health and wellbeing, as well as supporting immediate and ongoing care.

Patient engagement portals

We design and develop patient-centric patient engagement portals. Working with NHS Trusts, NHS ICBs, and digital health innovators we have developed bespoke patient engagement portals integrated with electronic health and patient records.

Personalised care apps

We deliver personalised care apps that facilitate communication between patients and providers.

For instance, we create personalised care apps that enable health professionals to track treatment and medication adherence.

Health and wellbeing apps

We create health and wellbeing apps including mobile apps that enable users to track a range of health-related parameters, such as sleep, exercise and food intake, to enable users to monitor and improve their health and wellbeing.

Vital signs monitoring and electronic observations

We deliver vital sign monitoring technology that connects clinicians to their patients.

6B delivers apps that enable care providers to conduct electronic observations and record the vital signs of a patient, and for patients to monitor their vital signs on an ongoing basis.

Remote care and monitoring

6B is capable of delivering healthcare web apps that facilitate effective remote care and monitoring – for example, assisting users in managing their symptoms, and logging vital metrics (such as drug intake).

Social prescribing apps

We design and develop social prescribing apps, which enable health professionals to refer people to services to support their ongoing health and wellbeing, such as local community groups and voluntary organisations.

Why choose 6B for digital health systems development?

  • 6B works with healthcare organisations to design and develop healthcare web apps that are shaping the future of healthcare across the UK
  • We have extensive experience within the healthcare sector, and understand the wider complexities and challenges it faces – we develop digital solutions to overcome these challenges
  • We create healthcare web apps that assist health professionals, and enhance patient care – reducing the burden of administration, whilst supporting the ongoing health and wellbeing of patients
  • We deliver cutting-edge technology, including personalised care and monitoring apps, which improve efficiency, and deliver lasting value to patients and care providers.

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When it comes to healthcare, our skilled multi-disciplined team have successfully delivered projects for clients in the public and private sectors, ranging from complex system integrations to legacy system overhauls and everything in between.

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