Health tech integration

6B provides healthcare integration services for public sector, private sector, funded startups and other healthtech organisations.
6B works with leading healthcare system providers including Epic, EMIS, SystmOne, Cegedim, Cerner, IM1 and AllScripts so that your organisation can access patient data safely, quickly and efficiently.

Health tech interoperability

6B’s health tech interoperability team is ISO 27001 accredited, experienced in patient data processing and cyber essentials certified. 6B helps your organisation navigate legislation and standards and our health tech agency is also CFR Part 11 compliant and HIPPA compliant.
Our health tech integration and health tech interoperability developers have developed SMART on FHIR applications to integrate with leading EHR systems. We are proficient with healthcare data taxonomy including NHS Data Model, Snomed CT, HL7 FHIR, openEHR, CDM and ODM.
6B offers technical consulting on architecture and healthcare IT strategy, creating innovative healthcare solutions that fulfil requirements for your organisation’s stakeholders and service users.

Technology has taken hold of the market and is transforming patient outcomes.

But – there’s one key logistical challenge that’s leaving many companies wide open to risk: Electronic Health Record (EHR) access.  


The processes that surround EHRs are often overly complex, manual and heavily impacted by human error – but we see the potential. We see this as an opportunity for you to create real change through digital integration and automation. 


From huge bodies like Public Health England and the NHS, to start-ups like IgniteData, we’ve created and supported HealthTech innovations for years. Whether you’re a pharmacy or a medical device supplier, we understand the challenges you face – and we’re ready to help. 

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Breaking down industry jargon

With several HealthTech integrations under our belt, one thing is clear: there’s a lot of confusion around EHRs – or more specifically, how to easily access them if you’re a medical provider with a digital offering. 

How do you provide a seamless journey for the customer? How do you tie together orders and prescriptions with your team, with GPs and any other stakeholders in the chain of approval? 

It can be a procedural nightmare – and it’s often manual. 

6B’s health integration teams have experience integrating with leading healthcare system providers including EMIS, SystmOne, Cegedim, Epic, Cerner, AllScripts and of course, the NHS.

Our established relationships, processes and tools give your web app, mobile app, website or bespoke development project unparalleled efficiencies and opportunities to integrate with leading healthcare solutions at speed.

However, this kind of health integration is a fine art – from navigating the technical jargon, to building a bespoke system that meets your custom needs, these kinds of digital integrations can be complex and overwhelming.  

That’s where we come in, with our no-nonsense approach and technical excellence.

How we can help you 

Our unique development and consultancy offering to the HealthTech market means we can deliver integrations that allow instant access to EHRs, and support you at every stage of the process. We break this down into five key areas:

Application support 

HealthTech integration starts with your application to join the various partner networks mentioned earlier, and this type of documentation can be hard to understand, with plenty of technical terminology thrown in – we offer support specifically for this process (roughly three days of consultancy). 

Integration development 

Once the application’s approved, we can deliver the integration itself or supply any part of the team needed to develop it. The time this takes can differ from platform to platform – for example, with EMIS, this is roughly 6-8 weeks, but for EMIS and SystmOne, this extends to roughly 10-12 weeks. All our work is completely bespoke to you and your business, so we’ll cover timeframes during our initial strategy work.

Additional software

Perhaps you have a more complex set of technical circumstances; you might need additional applications and integration to create the right solution for your business. Our customer IgniteData for example, needed several bespoke features including a mapping engine (which you can read more about here). With our end-to-end approach, we’ll ensure your unique needs are met. 

Development consultancy 

You might already have a development team ready to go who can deliver your integration – but it’s unlikely they’ll have the specific technical experience of our team. We can offer consultancy throughout the process to your team, removing technical roadblocks, preparing for witness testing and ensuring the best possible delivery. 

Support and maintenance 

Whether it’s the full ongoing maintenance and evolution of your solution, or simply handover options to prepare your internal teams to fully support your new product – we give our clients plenty of options to ensure post-launch success. 

Your HealthTech integration partners

Through utilising leading healthcare interoperability technologies such as HL7 FHIR, collectively, we can support your organisation in driving better models of care, as well as improving patient safety. Some of our core specialisms include:

  • NHS integrations – we can help with integrating public healthcare systems, including NHS applications like Login, Spine 2, MESH, IM1, eRS, PDS and Trust Integration Engines.
  • Application integrations – we can integrate your digital product with leading healthcare systems, including EMIS, SystmOne, Cegedim Vision, Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, Serverlec Rio, System C and more.

What are the benefits?

Success is subjective, which is why we start every project by defining success – what does “a great solution” mean to you? In the HealthTech sector, this kind of integration typically brings three core benefits to our clients: 


  • Greater efficiency – replacing lengthy, manual processes with automated systems helps your team to be more productive and time-efficient, while you can be more cost-effective with your resource delegation 
  • Lower risk – with the constant back-and-forth of manual procedures, human error is inevitable. Digitising your system reduces this factor significantly, while boosting the digital security around sensitive, confidential patient data 
  • Competitive customer service – we’re always focused on the customer; at the end of the day, it’s the patient outcome that matters most. A better, faster and easier experience with you, means brand loyalty and repeat custom from them

HealthTech Integration Services

We help many different types of public sector healthcare organisations, including: Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), Primary Care Networks (PCNs), Ambulance Trusts – and many more besides. Check out our healthcare-specific services below for more technical detail...


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“6B Digital have been an outsourced development partner for IgniteData for the past 3 years, working on several web, design and system build projects. The main project has been the development of Archer, our advanced EHR to EDC application.

“Archer has recently gained huge traction with pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, who have commented on the quality of the functionality and user interface. Over the course of our time working with 6B Digital they have continued to grow in both size and professional maturity. This is a testament to their ability to listen, learn and adapt quickly – a key skill when trying to run agile development projects.”

Richard Yeatman, Chief Technical Officer, IgniteData

Project Archer user

Why choose us?

We love what we do, and we love making life easier for customers in every industry through our no-nonsense approach to tech.


After designing and building well over 100 bespoke systems, with a particular focus on HealthTech integration projects, we’re confident we can help you solve your digital integration challenges. Here are a few advantages to choosing us as your partner:


Experienced integration consultants: we’ve developed large-scale integrations for public healthcare bodies, as well as smaller integrations for funded health tech startups and other organisations

Security and compliance: we’re ISO 27001 accredited, cyber essentials certified, and experienced in processing patient data under HIPPA, CFR Part 11 and other regulations

Integration specialists: We’re proficient with healthcare data taxonomy. including Snomed CT, NHS Data Model, HL7 FHIR, openEHR, CDM, ODM and more


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