Health tech consultancy

6B is a health tech consultancy that works with funded startups, public sector and private sector organisations to deliver health tech consultancy that offers an evidence-based, strategic approach.

Our experience in health tech AI evaluation, clinical research and medical affairs in the healthcare sector places 6B in a position where we can help your organisation build a healthcare mobile app, healthcare web app, healthcare website or healthcare software that delivers improved outcomes for individual patients and populations as a whole.

Health tech consultants

6B has an experienced team of health tech consultants who consult on healthcare strategy, healthcare technology, healthcare standards, healthcare delivery, clinical research, healthcare data management and other healthcare software services.

6B’s health tech consultation services can give advice on legacy software modernisation, code refactoring, technical audits and health tech product strategy reviews.

Our health tech consultancy can consult on integration via HL7 FHIR, and integrations with a variety of leading system providers too, including EMIS, SystemOne, Epic, Cerner, AllScripts and more.

Your health tech consultancy

From strategies to modernise core technologies to building digital cultures and planning patient-centric digital health experiences, 6B are here to help.

Healthcare systems worldwide are under immense pressure to deliver cost-effective, value-based care to an aging population, often beset with complex lifestyle-related chronic illnesses.

Sustainability requires a shift in focus from episodic to continuous care, where patients monitor their health and co-manage their treatment remotely.

We help healthcare organisations develop digital health strategies and solutions that leverage recent advancements in connectivity and data science.

We bring together the capabilities and technologies needed to help healthcare organisations grow and thrive in the digital age, including – strategic planning and consultancy, technology assessment and integration, software development and digital delivery, regulatory compliance and security, team enablement, training and support.

Strategic direction

We provide strategic advice on long-term strategic roadmaps, system integration and interoperability, digital transformation and go-to-market strategies.

We can assist across the entire digital health journey including: creating compelling strategies and strong stories; shaping the teams and partnerships needed to support digital services; rapid prototyping of service offerings; and roadmap innovation and development.

Our team of digital health specialists, data scientists, developers, integration consultants, architects, technology leads, agile coaches, award-winning designers, and security experts work flexibly and seamlessly with you. And to complement our in-house capabilities, we have proprietary digital health solutions to accelerate digital health transformation.

With every digital health consultation service we aim to help our clients develop the culture and capabilities needed to be agile and innovate, and to become leaders in digital health technology.

Advantages of working with 6B:

Experienced digital health consultants: 6B work regularly with innovative digital health companies as well as public healthcare bodies including numerous NHS organisations and central government organisations. We have worked across primary, secondary, tertiary, community, and integrated care settings.

Broad approach: 6B takes a holistic view of your organisation throughout consultation, advising on a range of topics including strategy, governance, culture, delivery, clinical insight, interoperability, data management and more.

Integration and interoperability specialists: We are passionate about open data standards, we have experience working with HL7 FHIR and openEHR. We have worked on many leading health tech interoperability projects, working in collaboration with NHS England, techUK, INTEROPen, and other public health and care organisations.

Working with providers: We are experienced working with leading healthcare IT system providers including EMIS, TPP, Cerner, Epic, AllScripts, and more.

Our healthcare consultancy services

Digital Health Development

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Digital Health Integration

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HL7 FHIR Consultation

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openEHR Consultation

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Integrated Care Systems

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Digital Transformation

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Product Strategy

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Discovery & Alpha

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Technical Due Diligence

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Change Adoption

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Technology Skills Enablement

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Emerging Technology

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Service Design

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