What is GP Connect?

GP Connect gives authorised clinical staff access to patient information where and when they need it, which enables them to deliver a higher standard of care and work more efficiently.

The platform effectively bridges the gap between GP practices and hospitals, allowing staff to share and view clinical information and data between IT systems without delay.

Health and social care workers can:

  • view a patient’s care record and associated documents
  • update a patient’s care record and associated documents
  • manage a patient’s appointments

GP Connect is a national service that’s integrated with all major GP software providers. It routes requests to the appropriate GP system, based on the patient’s registered GP. It does not store any GP, patient or care provider data – it merely enables interconnectivity between authorised and approved systems.

We work in partnership with your organisation to understand your unique system requirements and how they interact with each other, to ensure a quick and seamless integration with GP Connect.

GP Connect in action

Irrespective of what IT system or set-up, or where your organisation’s site is located, GP Connect offers you greater flexibility in how you operate, enabling your staff to view, share and act on patient records in three ways:

  • GP Connect: Access Record – by logging into the system, clinicians will be able to access all relevant patient records without having to chase individual GP surgeries. The data they retrieve will be made available in either HTML read-only format, or machine-readable, coded format.
  • GP Connect: Send Document – for any medical interactions that take place away from a patient’s usual practice, a standardised summary of the consultation is used to update the patient’s record using GP Connect messaging components, such as ITK3 and MESH to deliver the message.
  • GP Connect: Manage Appointment – initially rolled out to help manage appointments during the Covid-19 vaccination programme, this feature allows appointments to be booked on behalf of patients at their regular GP practice or other healthcare settings.

There are a multitude of healthcare organisations where GP Connect functionality and capability would be beneficial – a few include: Integrated care systems, hospitals, ambulance services, hospices, social care, care homes, pharmacies, mental health trusts and emergency care service providers.

Why partner with 6B for GP Connect Integration?

  • Integration specialists: our integration solutions will help your team provide more informed patient care, but it will also save valuable time on performing manual administrative tasks, as well as making patient data more secure.
  • Security compliance: with sensitive patient data being shared across systems and between organisations, it’s imperative that the correct security measures are in place to protect this data – 6B are ISO27001 certified.
  • Development consultancy: our technical expertise and first-hand experience of carrying out some of the most complex integration projects with healthcare clients helps us remove any technical roadblocks, prepare for witness testing and ensure the smoothest possible integration with primary care systems.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: from initial discussion right through to launching your GP Connect integration, our team will be on hand to provide ongoing maintenance and evolution of your solution, and we’ll give your team the tools and training they need to get the most out of what we’ve designed.


We’ve enjoyed working with 6B immensely over the past few years to launch and further develop the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust platform.

“From the initial discovery phase through to planning and delivery, the project has been a success, and we’ve continued to work with the team to enhance, maintain and improve the platform through regular discussions and planned maintenance.”

Natalie Lee, Web & Digital Design Communications Officer, Somerset NHS

GP Connect integration specialists


The GP Connect integration solutions we design and develop enable the seamless exchange of data between different systems, meaning clinicians have more time to focus on the patients in their care.


We’re eager to partner with you on your next GP Connect project – but if you still need convincing, take a look at some of our case studies and hear what our clients have to say about working with us…

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