Common ICS challenges we’ll help you overcome

From system integrations and bespoke software development to enable better Population Health Management, to strategic advisory and consultancy services, 6B’s technical expertise helps ICSs overcome the common challenges they face, so they can better meet the needs of patients now and in the future. Let's take a look at some of them...

“How will we define our digital Population Health strategy?”

An ICS is complex by nature; various different organisations must come together to understand Population Health and plan and deliver joined-up health and care servicesany strategy needs to be mindful of this. We’ll help you understand the needs and interoperability capabilities of each service across your ICS and how effectively your existing systems and processes are working, helping you define your objectives and identify the innovations needed to achieve them. This information will then form the basis of your digital strategy.

“How will you handle implementation?”

Widespread change across any partnership is likely to be met with some resistance, especially if the benefits of those changes are not explained properly. We’ll work with you to draw up a unique step-by-step implementation plan, one that meets the demands of your team, the expectations of stakeholders, and the needs of patients you serve. We’ll consult key personnel throughout the process to ensure they remain informed of (and aligned with) the changes proposed, delivering the project in accordance to time and budget constraints.

“We need widespread buy-in for our system to work effectively”

6B is an agency that’s been responsible for delivering huge technology innovations for public and private healthcare sector organisations for years. As such, we know that a project’s success hinges on widespread buy-in to technology transformation. That’s why we take a collaborative approach in the consultation and integration phases of a project, putting people first with solutions that resolve real problems, whilst delivering the training and support required to optimise the use of that new technology.

“To deliver the best patient care, we need to achieve cohesion across all services.”

As an ICS, we recognise that you need Population Health data and technology solutions that seamlessly incorporate both the range of services you offer and the many providers and suppliers you deal with. We work closely with each ICS we partner with to pinpoint how information can be better shared between overlapping services and systems. The tech we design and implement ensures medical professionals have access to the real-time medical records they need in order to deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

“There are technology gaps within our ICS.”

Through a complete end-to-end service that encompasses consultation, development and integration, 6B will work with you to identify technology gaps in the services you offer, before making suggestions on how they can be filled. We’ll provide your team with the necessary training and ongoing support to ensure your team has the tools and knowledge they need to deliver the best patient care possible.

Why partner with 6B?

  • We’re integration specialists – utilising leading healthcare interoperability technologies such as HL7 FHIR, we can support your ICS in understanding the health of a population, to drive better models of care and improvements in patient safety and experience
  • We take a holistic approach – because of the diversity of tasks involved in administering patient care, healthcare organisations need a technical partner who’s capable of seeing the bigger picture. From external providers and suppliers to communication between departments, we inspect every facet of your operation to provide a solution that meets all of your organisation’s needs
  • We provide development consultancy – you might already have a development team in place – but it’s unlikely they’ll have the specific technical expertise that our team possesses. We can offer consultancy throughout the process to your team, removing technical roadblocks, preparing for witness testing and ensuring the smoothest possible delivery
  • We can help you build beyond launch day – our work doesn’t finish once we’ve launched your digital solution. To guarantee post-launch success, our team will be on hand to provide ongoing maintenance and deliver the evolution of your solution. Plus, we’ll give your team the necessary training to ensure they get the most out of the solution we’ve designed


“6B Digital have been an outsourced development partner for IgniteData for the past 3 years, working on several web, design and system build projects.

“Over the course of our time working with 6B Digital they have continued to grow in both size and professional maturity. This is a testament to their ability to listen, learn and adapt quickly – a key skill when trying to run agile development projects.”

Richard Yeatman, Chief Technical Officer, IgniteData

We’re experts at simplifying big, complex systems


We’re passionate about what we do – because we know it not only solves problems for our customers, but in the world of healthcare, it saves lives.


We can’t wait to support you on your next ICS project – but if you still need convincing, take a look at some of our case studies and hear from our clients…

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