NHS Web Development

NHS web development by 6B. We have worked with a number of NHS organisations on NHS web development, NHS web design and NHS bespoke web development.

We understand that websites for the NHS have unique needs and requirements, including; adhering to NHS brand guidelines, ensuring WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility and NHS cyber and data security best practices.

6B have delivered NHS web development for NHS Hospitals, NHS Mental Health Trusts, NHS CCGs, NHS ICS, NHS GP cooperatives and more NHS organisations.

NHS Web Design

As an approved Crown Commercial Services supplier 6B have successfully completed many NHS web design projects. When working with 6B for NHS web development you can rest assured we understand the NHS and healthcare, 6B have delivered multiple digital solutions for the NHS and healthcare organisations.

We understand the demands and requirements of developing digital solutions for the NHS and UK healthcare organisations – we ensure all of our solutions are highly accessible, highly available and future-proofed through easy ongoing management and support with no vendor lock-in. Our digital solutions for healthcare are modern, interoperable and focused on providing the best outcomes for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

From NHS web design and development to mobile app development and ongoing web support for healthcare organisations carried out by our dedicated strategy, design, development and marketing teams.

NHS multi-platform web development

6B has developed websites for NHS in WordPress, we also have in-house expertise in Kentico web development and other popular platforms. We are committed to using the right technology for your project and we will ensure the needs of your NHS organisation and your audience drive technology decisions.

As an approved Crown Commercial Services Provider 6B has ISO 27001 certification, Cyber Essentials Plus and we are a preferred technology partner for a number of healthcare organisations and healthcare software businesses. We have successfully delivered a number of NHS projects and we are experienced with; adhering to NHS identity guidelines, ensuring WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility and NHS cyber and data security best practices.

Our long-standing working relationships with healthcare organisations and the NHS along with our breadth of knowledge within the healthcare sector means we are well positioned to provide digital consultation and solutions for the NHS.

We are an award winning, talented in-house multi-disciplinary team of web designers, developers, and strategists with a track record in delivering digital services to the NHS and healthcare organisations.

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Why choose 6B for NHS web development?

  • We develop websites and applications using the NHS approved NHS Frontend Framework – meaning frontend development has been approved by the Government Digital Service
  • We are platform agnostic, we will build your NHS website or application in the best technology and platform for your objectives
  • Security-first approach to all NHS web development, backed by our ISO 27001 and  Cyber Essentials Plus certifications
  • Experience building NHS websites to WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA accessibility best practices
  • 24/7/365 technical support contracts and SLAs available to guarantee support, uptime, backups and redundancy
  • Experience working with highly sensitive Patient Identifiable Data (PID) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR)
  • Experience integrating with many healthcare systems including internal NHS systems, NHS England, EmisCerner and Epic

As a business, our friendly yet professional approach to customer service has played a significant role in developing many relationships with NHS clients.

We hold a number accreditations in quality and data security – including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

We are a G-Cloud listed supplier and by combining excellent customer service, value and expertise across our broad service offering, we are an ideal and flexible partner for NHS organisations across the UK.

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Robust & Secure

The development team at 6B have experience working across different sectors, producing a range of complex and secure process-driven bespoke applications and websites.

With experience in enterprise CRM solutions, large-scale web applications and secure medical platforms, we have the ability to design and develop tailored solutions.

Flexible & Scalable

Using our unique modular development approach we ensure that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality and where possible without requiring new development.

We have developed many applications to handle business critical services running 24/7/365 for over 5 years now.

Integrated Technology

We are specialists in integrating with many applications including medical and healthcare applications, financial, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, accounting, social media and email marketing with specific examples including: Microsoft, Sage, Xero, Stripe, EMIS, Twilio and Open Maps. We are experts at integrating with online service providers, third party software and legacy systems.

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What digital services do you offer the NHS?

Our full suite of digital services are available for the NHS. From NHS web design and development to mobile app design and development and web application development, 6B are here to help.

Do you follow NHS design principles?

Yes absolutely. We follow NHS design principles to ensure best practice in all NHS web design projects, these include:

  • Put people at the heart of everything you do
  • Design for the outcome
  • Be inclusive
  • Design for context
  • Design for trust
  • Test your assumptions
  • Make, learn, iterate
  • Do the hard work to make it simple
  • Make things open. It makes things better

Do you work with the NHS design system?

Yes, we work with the NHS design system for every NHS web project. We utilise design styles, components and patterns in the NHS design system to create consistent and accessible user interfaces for the NHS.

Have you got experience working with tech like GP Connect and FHIR?

Yes sure. We have worked with GP Connect and developed a number of apps using FHIR technology, we are widely recognised as specialists in FHIR and integration with primary and secondary care systems for patient data extraction and manipulation.

Have you got experience working with NHS trusts?

Yes sure. We have worked with many NHS trusts throughut the UK. Recently we designed and developed a website for Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, to reflect the planned merger of the two Trusts.

Our Digital Health services

When it comes to healthcare, our skilled multi-disciplined team have successfully delivered projects for clients in the public and private sectors, ranging from complex system integrations to legacy system overhauls and everything in between.

Digital Health Consultancy

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Digital Health Development

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Digital Health Integration

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