Test engineering development

6B are proficient in providing test engineering development services for a broad selection of clients in both the public and private sectors.

The work we do in test engineering development gives the organisations we serve complete confidence that the product they have developed is ready for market and devoid of defects or failures.

We have the in-house capabilities to develop custom-built test strategies that provide organisations with robust testing at regular intervals, ensuring dependability, security, reliability and high performance.

Test engineering development company

The importance of automated software testing during the development stage of the delivery cycle cannot be overstated. The work 6B undertakes will deliver numerous tangible business benefits, such as:

  • High quality software delivery through iterative, collaborative working practices
  • Reduction of business risk in delivery
  • Decreased delivery cycle time through automated testing
  • Test automation framework that can be used time and time again
  • Continuous testing to prevent regression
  • Enhanced user experience with each iteration
  • Improved cost-effectiveness

However, frequent testing does far more than simply certifying product quality. A comprehensive testing strategy will ensure bugs are identified early which are less costly to fix, user personal information and data is protected, and that customer satisfaction is enhanced with a superior user experience.

We adopt an automation-first approach, which drives high-quality testing at a faster speed and much lower cost. By integrating automated testing into every stage of the development cycle, we empower your organisation to be more responsive, pivoting to meet the needs of users and any design changes in product development. This not only minimises issues in production but it also ensures that the service can be used again and again, with sufficient documentation to prove the service is repeatable.

Custom-built testing strategies

Human error can cause a defect at any stage of the software development cycle, but the seriousness of its impact depends entirely on when the defect is identified. We work in partnership with organisations to create test strategies that help spot problems early on so they can be rectified before they become costly. From testing every button on a screen works as it should, to testing for non-functional intangibles like security, the test strategy we create will incorporate several rounds of testing to give a detailed overview on performance.

Testing basic functionality and beyond

Our test engineering development work is carried out by engineers who work within a wider team that is comprised of multi-disciplinary specialists, and these different perspectives help spot problems that otherwise might have gone under the radar. Every engineer and developer follows a standardised testing process before their findings are passed on to another member of the team to be validated.

We start by assessing basic functionality, trying out all combinations of clicks and characters so your organisation doesn’t have to. Our team then conducts a code review to uncover any potential issues, which automatically triggers a static code analysis, identifying vulnerabilities in the source code. Once the findings have been collated, our developers will write unit tests and test a range of valid and invalid inputs, using virtual services to ensure their units can be independently tested. Finally, we complete single-user performance testing to evaluate an organisation’s KPIs like response time and device vitals.

Software testing is a crucial component of software product development because it improves consistency and performance by comparing actual and expected results. By identifying and fixing any bugs or errors in the early stages of development, 6B can deliver a dependable, secure and high performing software product, which will generate significant time and cost savings.

Advantages of working with 6B for test engineering development include:

Experienced team – Our team of developers and engineers have extensive experience of embedding testing throughout the development cycle to deliver high quality testing that is reliable and scalable.

Collaborative testing – We work in tandem with organisations to identify challenges early on, first defining the problem and then understanding what level of quality assurance is required or preferred.

Rigorous testing during development stage – Our team design, develop and implement automated testing equipment during the development stage to minimise defects and bugs further down the development cycle.

Fully managed service – We manage the entirety of the testing engineering development process, overseeing everything from reviewing existing testing to implementing new test strategies, as well as providing ongoing guidance and support to our clients.

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