User testing

User testing by 6B. 6B is a digital agency that specialises in user testing, utilising a range of user testing techniques to deliver digital solutions and services that are user-focused, and meet user needs.

6B works with clients to implement a tried-and-tested user testing methodology. This begins with the creation of a clear set of user testing goals, which are based on your organisation’s core requirements, and the digital product or service that you are looking to implement.

6B’s team of UX/UI experts can work with your organisation to create initial design concepts and prototypes, which can then be tested with key stakeholders and users. This enables us to undertake user testing at an early stage, prior to rolling-out a final product.

User testing agency

6B can work with customers to identify and recruit appropriate participants to undertake user testing, based on your core target audiences.

As a specialist user testing agency, we can utilise the following user testing approaches:

  • A/B testing, to test different versions of a solution, to determine which is more favourable to users
  • Focus group sessions, to gather feedback from target user groups regarding a digital product or service
  • Surveys, which can be undertaken during testing, or retrospectively
  • Heat mapping analysis, to determine where users are spending most of their time on a website, app or system, so that we can improve user experience
  • User acceptance testing against ad hoc and real world scenarios, to ensure a concept is ready for roll out.

Defining your goals

We will work with you to identify and create a clear set of user testing goals, based on the core aims and objectives of your concept.

Validating your concept

Do your users understand what you’re trying to achieve? Do they see value in your product?

We can address these questions early by creating and testing a rapid prototype, and validating your concept with users before locking down a final product.

Creating a test plan

We will work with your organisation to create a test plan that reflects the primary goals of your concept, whilst outlining the proposed scenarios that will be tested, the testing techniques that will be utilised, and how we will monitor, measure and analyse test metrics.

Recruiting users

We can work with you to establish selection criteria, and identify and recruit users for user testing.

Through the creation of user personas, we will ensure that test users share the characteristics of your organisation’s typical, or target, customers – testing our concepts on the right people, to deliver the right solutions.

6B’s user testing process

We utilise a variety of user testing methods, which can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation:

  • A/B testing – Testing multiple versions of a solution, to determine whether a certain approach is working or not.
  • Focus groups – Utilising our team of researchers to gather opinions about a product or service.
  • Surveys – We can use surveys to gauge user experience, or user satisfaction, during or after the testing process.
  • Heat maps – Heat mapping provides a visual representation of user activity – the “hot” (most popular) and “cold” (least popular) areas of a solution. Utilising heat mapping analysis, we are able to see where users are spending most of their time – the areas of your concept that users are clicking, scrolling through or ignoring – which helps us to identify trends and enhance the user experience.
  • User acceptance testing – User acceptance testing is often the last phase of the development process, prior to launch.

We work with your organisation to assess if the concept is acceptable and ready for delivery. This involves testing the concept against real world scenarios – defined test cases and user stories, as well as ad-hoc, or exploratory, scenarios.

Documenting test results

Once testing is complete, we will analyse our research findings, and look for patterns in behaviour. Our data analysis will identify any pain points – the areas where users struggled, or encountered a problem – and any areas of success.

These findings will be presented to you in a clear and easy-to-understand format, with a set of ongoing actions and recommendations.

Why choose 6B for user testing?

  • We have worked with countless healthcare, central government, local government and other organisations across the UK to deliver enhanced user experiences – understanding user needs, and developing solutions that improve the user experience
  • We validate your concept through iterative service design, design and prototyping, and then utilise test plans to monitor, measure and analyse the efficacy of your concept
  • We can work with you to identify, select and test concepts with your end users, to ensure the final product strategy delivers against your goals, and meets user needs
  • We utilise tried-and-tested processes to test your concepts with end users, and provide you with clear guidance on implementing our recommendations.

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