Cegedim Vision Integration Partner

6B are Cegedim Vision integration partners, specialising in developing bespoke integrations for Cegedim Vision and other primary care clinical systems including SystmOne and EMIS. 6B develop bespoke integrations with Cegedim Vision and have out-of-the-box Cegedim Vision integration solutions for quick and easy interoperability of your application. As a Cegedim Vision integration partner 6B have pre-built integration modules developed in leading technologies, access to technical support at Cegedim and a core team of Cegedim Vision specialists with experience developing numerous Cegedim Vision integrations.

Cegedim Vision Integration Specialists

As Cegedim Vision integration specialists 6B offer a number of Cegedim Vision integration services including Cegedim Vision mobile app integration development, Cegedim Vision web app integration development, Cegedim Vision patient portal development, Cegedim Vision API development, Cegedim Vision software integration development and more. From initial Cegedim Vision integration consultation through to integration development and implementation into real world clinical environments 6B’s Cegedim Vision integration specialists are here to help.

Cegedim Vision IM1 Integration

The easiest way to integrate Cegedim Vision is via NHS Digital’s IM1 Pairing interface. 6B’s healthcare interoperability development team develop Cegedim Vision IM1 integrations regularly. A Cegedim Vision IM1 integration allows your application to read patient information, extract patient information in bulk and enter data into the the Cegedim Vision clinical system. Cegedim Vision IM1 integration is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your application with Cegedim Vision.

Navigating interoperability with clinical systems in the UK can be tricky, there are different routes to integration, multiple APIs, multiple integration vendors and further complexity around governance and security, but 6B are here to make interoperability into clinical systems like Cegedim Vision easy. 6B work with you as an team augmentation extension to your development team to build your bespoke integration into Cegedim Vision. Our experienced Cegedim Vision developers use pre-built IM1 Pairing modules to piece together your Cegedim Vision integration in a fast, robust and flexible architecture.

From Cegedim Vision integrations to read patient information and extract information in bulk to Cegedim Vision integrations to enter data into Vision 3, 6B will work with your team closely through consultation, integration development and implementation to develop your Cegedim Vision integration.

Driving integrated healthcare solutions

6B work closely with Cegedim Vision and NHS Digital to develop integrated healthcare solutions for private and public sector organisations. In both private and public settings 6B understands that collaboration between health professionals to provide complete and personalised treatment to patients is a priority to improve patient outcomes.

The Cegedim Vision clinical system platform

Vision 3 is the leading clinical system platform from Cegedim (previously In Practice Systems before they were acquired by Cegedim in 2004). Similar to EMIS and SystmOne, Vision 3 is a comprehensive clinical system that supports best practice guidelines with a suite of applications to help practices deliver all aspects of business and patient care.

Vision 3 is web-based and accessible in practice, at a patient’s home or in a shared care setting and drives better clinical outcomes, efficient care delivery and shared care.

Cegedim Vision 3 is easy to use, functionally rich, includes comprehensive reporting and is easily interoperable with bespoke digital solutions via the NHS Digital IM1 Pairing interface.

How to integrate with Cegedim Vision

6B develops integrations with Cegedim Vision via the NHS Digital IM1 Pairing interface.

Our approach follows the IM1 guidelines, working through initiation, unsupported test phase, supported test phase, assurance and finally live implementation with Cegedim Vision instances. Throughout each step of the process our experienced Cegedim Vision integration consultants will keep you informed and drive the process forwards at speed, liaising with stakeholders at your organisation, NHS Digital and Cegedim.

Initiation – working closely with your team and NHS Digital we will work to specify your product, complete and submit stage one of the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) whilst understanding feasibility, constraints and opportunities for your integration.

Unsupported test phase – following initiation we are granted access to the Cegedim Vision mock API and Pairing and Integration Pack (PIP), at this stage we will develop your integration at speed using our pre-built modules.

Supported test phase – during this phase we complete the SCAL, work closely with Cegedim and NHS Digital to agree assurance approach and request access to the Supported Test Environment (STE).

Assurance – Following development of your Cegedim Vision integration, the SCAL is reviewed and agreed with Cegedim, a witness test is undertaken, your Model Interface Licence is issued and a plan is set to go live.

Live – Finally your integration goes live and is rolled out to real world Cegedim Vision clinical systems.

Why choose 6B for Cegedim Vision integration?

Navigating Cegedim Vision integration via the NHS Digital IM1 Pairing interface can be complex – 6B’s professional team of Cegedim Vision integration experts are here to help.

  • We are an award winning in-house multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers, and consultants experienced in delivering Cegedim Vision integrations
  • We are experienced in developing Cegedim Vision integrations and health tech for both primary and secondary healthcare
  • We are experienced in integrating with all of the primary care foundation clinical systems including EMIS (EMIS Web) and TPP (SystmOne)
  • Access to technical documentation, development packs, open APIs and pre-built integration modules to accelerate Cegedim Vision integration

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