Software Support And Maintenance Company

6B provides managed services for application management, managed hosting and website management for funded startups, central government, local government and healthcare organisations.

Our software support and maintenance company is available for post-launch support, troubleshooting, contingency plans, app and website updates, error and bug fixes and a support portal for all customers and organisations.

Even if an app or website wasn’t built by 6B, we provide ongoing technical support for any problems or issues your product is experiencing.

Our ITIL certified service delivery managers will always look for improvements to user experience, scalability, speed and quality of your website, web app or mobile app.

Managed hosting through 6B ensures alert response and proactive performance monitoring to ensure your organisation is up to date with user demands and making the most of the latest technological advancements.

Software Managed Support Services

Through the 6B support portal, your organisation can request help if an issue is causing problems.

Our defect resolution team will devise a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your organisation so that you gain priority access to our talented development team.

We categorise defects in order to appropriately respond to any issues in a timely and efficient manner. If a developer is unable to resolve an issue in the appropriate time, our developers escalate the issue to our in-house team of technical architects, product owners, quality assurance managers and specialist developers to find a resolution that satisfies your requirements.

Lost code, improved code, improved databases, maintaining and improving programming language and systems, bug fixes and many more are among the support services our developers can provide.

6B works with organisations across different sectors including local and central government, health tech companies and funded startups to manage applications and hosting, even if they weren’t built by us.

Our service is not just a matter of supporting your organisation when something goes wrong, our service delivery managers can play a proactive role to improve your application user experience, scalability, speed and quality.

Our team can look after all aspects of your infrastructure. We can proactively monitor performance, respond to alerts and provide cost and performance optimisations to keep up with user demands.

What do our support services cover?

Our services cover a huge variety of circumstances, including:

Post-launch support – If you encounter problems after the launch of an app or website, our team is available to support and find solutions

Bug fixing – Our application support team will fix bugs or errors in your app or website, ensuring your users enjoy a smooth experience from your product

Updates and maintenance – Our team proactively work to maintain, update and improve your app or website

Contingency plans – We create maintenance and support strategies to provide avoidance or mitigation plans should the worst happen

Troubleshooting – Our developers will diagnose any problems that you cannot identify by stringently going through your system and getting to the bottom of any issues

Support desk

6B works to a Service Level Agreement with your organisation, depending on the type and amount of support required, for all SLAs the support process is simple:

  • You can request help through our support portal, via email or over the phone
  • Through the agreed categorisation system, 6B’s support team will respond to any issues with your app or website in a timely manner
  • Our in-house team of developers and quality assurance experts ensure that any issues are quickly resolved to your satisfaction and within agreed resolution times

Examples of problems the support team have been able to resolve include recovering and rebuilding lost or broken source code, maintaining and upgrading legacy systems with new programming languages and improving the performance and scalability of databases.

A 6B digital consultant consults a client

Why choose 6B to manage your services?

Experienced support team – 6B works with organisations large and small to support and deliver improvements and maintenance for web apps, mobile apps and websites

Security compliant – Our support team follow our ISO27001 policies and procedures and always keep security as a number one priority

Support team – Our dedicated support team uses an agreed categorisation system to ensure defects are quickly rectified and your organisation can operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible

Continual improvements – Your organisation will directly benefit from our developers’ expertise to drive continual improvements in user experience, scalability and overall performance for your customers and service users

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