Healthcare Mobile App Development

6B is a healthcare mobile app development agency that works with health tech organisations, funded startups and other medical institutions.
Our healthcare mobile app development team creates apps for Android, iOS, wearable devices and tablet devices.
Healthcare mobile apps are available for use from patients, medical staff, and clinics for a variety of reasons.
These include accessing electronic health records, receiving medication intake reminders, remote communication and appointment with doctors and nurses, facilitating remote diagnostics and aggregating real-time health data.
For medical staff, 6B’s healthcare mobile app development services include issuing e-prescriptions, scheduling appointments and meetings, accessing clinical records remotely and ensuring secure health information exchange.
Clinics can use 6B’s healthcare mobile app development service for managing medication stock, tracking equipment, automating inventory management, managing blood transfusions and other laboratory operations, as well as optimising internal processes.

Healthcare Mobile App Developers

6B’s healthcare mobile app developers have extensive integration experience of healthcare mobile apps with SystmOne, Emis, Epic, IM1, Cerner and AllScripts.
6B is a HIPAA compliant agency that ensures healthcare mobile app development conforms to the latest security standards and legislation.
6B uses emerging technology such as IoT, AI and Voice to ensure your healthcare mobile app benefits from the latest features that will provide favourable patient outcomes.
Our healthcare mobile app developers use agile methodology, creating wireframes, rapid prototyping and more to ensure that stakeholder feedback is utilised through every iteration of your organisation’s healthcare mobile app.

6B develops bespoke mobile health applications for healthcare organisations and funded startups. From remotely monitoring patients, to managing staff and equipment more efficiently, 6B’s healthcare mobile app developers can create a bespoke mobile app that will fulfil all of your organisation’s criteria.

Who can use 6B’s healthcare mobile app development services?


Mobile apps from 6B can automate routine tasks, freeing time for doctors, nurses and other clinicians for more direct interaction with patients. Through healthcare mobile app development with 6B, healthcare staff can benefit from healthcare automation, issue e-prescriptions, monitor and consult with patients remotely, collaborate with other team members, access clinical records securely and more.

Funded Startups

6B works in partnership with funded startups to build innovative healthcare mobile apps. From automating clinical workflows, collecting data to better manage facilities and access patient and clinical information securely and remotely, to inventory management, medication stock and shift management can take place through a healthcare mobile app.


Mobile apps can be installed on patient devices, allowing patients to access medical records and contact physicians remotely. Patient monitoring is also possible through IoT and wearable data collection. Other opportunities include managing appointments, receiving medication reminders, communicating with doctors and insurance providers, carrying out remote diagnosis, fitness apps and accessing materials that can educate patients on their condition.

Why choose 6B for healthcare mobile app development?

Experience – 6B is experienced in developing healthcare mobile applications. Our developers provide a transparent service that takes you through wireframes and prototypes, keeping you up to date with your project at every stage of development.

Integration – 6B has extensive experience in the interoperability and integration of healthcare mobile apps with other healthcare applications, including SystmOne and EMIS.

Security – 6B is ISO27001 certified and ensures HIPAA compliant development to conform to healthcare regulations and standards.

Technology – Our developers’ vast knowledge base ensures we maximise the potential from established and emerging technology in your healthcare mobile app.

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