Identity and Access Management Development

6B provides identity and access management development for local government, central government, healthcare organisations and funded startups.
IdAM covers single sign-on functionality, multi-factor authentication, lifecycle management and user access privileges to ensure that security risks are kept to a minimum.
A high standard IdAM saves your organisation time and money and improves employee productivity as automation can reduce IT costs and the need for manual identity and access management to take place.
There are obvious benefits to the security of your organisation as 6B adopts a principle of least privilege so that information is only accessed by the people who need it.
6B can integrate a bespoke app with your existing IdAM system or we can carry out identity and access management development from scratch.

Identity and Access Management Integration

6B’s identity and access management integration is available for a mobile app, web app or website.
We use OAuth, OpenID, SAML, SSO and MFA to integrate bespoke and enterprise systems with a thorough IdAM system.
Your onboarding and offboarding processes will improve thanks to 6B’s IdAM integration solutions and we work with on-premises or cloud based identity and access management systems.
You may ask us to design an IdAM system with permission hierarchy in mind, giving different levels of access to people within your organisation, or special privileges may be given to employees placed in the upper echelons of your organisation. Whatever you need, 6B provides identity and access management integration that fulfils your organisation’s security obligations and requirements.

From a brand new identity and access management service for a new mobile app, web app or website, to integrating bespoke software with your existing IdAM systems, 6B will design, develop and deploy a IdAM solution for your organisation.
IdAM covers a range of features, including single sign-on functionality, cross-platform multi-factor authentication and lifecycle management of a user’s access privileges.
A high-quality IdAM integration from 6B can improve user experience and reduce security risks, as well as save time and money on complicated identity systems, giving your organisation more time to focus on more important operational matters.

Identity and Access Management Features

The team at 6B will review your existing IdAM processes and can make recommendations to find a suitable option for your web app, mobile app or website’s IdAM integration.
We use OAuth, SAML, OpenID, SSO and MFA among others to integrate enterprise and bespoke systems with a comprehensive IdAM system.
6B will help you with onboarding and offboarding processes for staff members, as well as implementing authorisation techniques that may include access control based on the roles of your employees.
Your on-premises or cloud-based system may require certain people to allow privileged access to specific information, or your organisation may require different levels of authorisation and access for each person, in which case 6B can design a system with permission hierarchy in mind.
We will also carry out access control auditing and monitoring to ensure levels of access are consistent and appropriate for each individual in your organisation.

What benefits do Identity and Access Management bring?

6B offers robust and maintainable implementations through our multi-discipline teams that work hand-in-hand with your own staff.
We share our knowledge to improve your existing team’s skillset and deliver leading Identity and Access Management systems that improves your organisation’s security and diminishes the possibility of human error.
Utilising the principle of least privilege, we integrate a system that keeps your security tight so that information is accessed only by those who need it.

Why choose 6B for Identity and Access Management?

Experienced system design – 6B has vast experience working with public healthcare and government organisations as well as funded startups to find and integrate leading IdAM solutions.

Technology agnostic – We are polyglots and follow best practice to find the right IdAM solution that works for your organisation’s web apps, mobile apps and websites

Security compliant – Our development team follow our ISO27001 policies and procedures to ensure that your identification systems keep important information private and access available only to those who need it

Support team – 6B provides ongoing support if any issues arise with your IdAM system and we always look for upgrades and improvements

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