HL7 FHIR Consultancy

Companies can consult with us on how to push, pull and transform healthcare data in HL7 FHIR format through apps, APIs and software.

Our team of consultants, technical architects and HL7 FHIR data specialists can guide and assist you through the applications of HL7 FHIR data structures and systems required for designing complex projects.

What is HL7 FHIR?

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is the standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

Healthcare data must be structured and standardised in a way that supports automated clinical decisions.

FHIR allows developers to transcend a document-based approach and allow a holistic approach for a patient, where information and data can flow back and forth.

FHIR is the latest specification for HL7, which produces healthcare data exchange and modelling standards. FHIR can be used as a standalone data exchange or it can be integrated with existing systems.

HL7 FHIR Data Modelling

The adoption of FHIR is growing across the healthcare sector. 6B has proven expertise at implementing this standard so you can consult with us to gain access to our knowledge on the subject.

6B is a HL7 FHIR consultancy that works with you to build and document your FHIR implementation, create FHIR resources, profiles, and extensions, as well as validation and set binding.

We can work with you on public and private FHIR data modelling projects, sharing our expertise on modelling as well as implementation. Throughout FHIR data modelling, we work closely with your team to understand your requirements and to validate your FHIR models against others. We also assist with automation pipelines to communicate with other FHIR data model servers and bundle and split resources.

We provide comprehensive documentation, training, and guidance on how to implement FHIR data models within your healthcare information system. This includes guidance on data exchange formats, communication protocols, and integration best practices.

HL7 FHIR App Development

Utilising trusted SDKs such as the Firely .NET SDK, we assist with FHIR app development.  Our developers and designers will take care of navigating the complexities of building a HL7 FHIR application. From measuring FHIR implementation performance to running scripts and automating your FHIR server, 6B collaborates with you to maximise your capabilities within the FHIR standard. We can reduce the amount of coding your team must input by helping you to build your own FHIR client, add-on or server, containing FHIR features that mean you do not have to start from scratch. This includes serialisation and deserialisation of HL7 FHIR to XML and JSON, as well as snapshot generation, caching and validation. We ensure your development, organisation, and ongoing product strategy and roadmap are fully compliant with the latest HL7 FHIR standard.

HL7 FHIR Implementation

6B will help you implement your FHIR standard with bespoke software that is secure, supporting your product with reliable storage through a reliable FHIR server. We help build and implement a portal, mobile app, web app or database that is flexible, can integrate and supports scalable databases.

During implementation, knowing which NHS stakeholders to speak to is critical if you want to get your application deployed in a real world environment. 6B is a HL7 FHIR consultancy who can speak with hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organisations to ensure that your project is successfully progressed through witness testing to alpha, beta and live.

Our HL7 FHIR consultancy have a lot of experience in working on implementation projects with primary healthcare system providers such as Emis, SystmOne and Vision, as well as secondary healthcare system providers like Cerner, AllScripts and Epic.

We can guide you on which stakeholders to speak with, managing how your application is deployed, governing information and technical due diligence you should undertake. Through liaising collaboratively with you and aligning ourselves to your aims, we can provide guidance to help your idea become reality.

Commercialisation, strategy and innovation

HL7 FHIR Commercialisation – We help your product reach the right stakeholders and the right audience once your HL7 FHIR product is built. We find ways for investors to learn and provide finance for your product.

HL7 FHIR Strategy – 6B will help you design and implement a strategy for your HL7 FHIR product in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, making your product irresistible to stakeholders.

HL7 FHIR Innovation – We have experience integrating legacy systems and leading healthcare systems to interact with HL7 FHIR data and can give examples of how we have managed such systems to help you carry out your individual goals.

HL7 FHIR Benefits – HL7 FHIR is a revolutionary standard for the exchange of healthcare data electronically. You can trust 6B to help you navigate through the hoops and deliver a product that will benefit health professionals and, in turn, their patients.

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