NHS Login Integration

6B are NHS login integration specialists, helping health tech organisations, funded startups and other healthcare organisations to integrate with the NHS login system.
There are four stages to the NHS login integration process: these are Apply, Discovery, Integration and Go Live.
As part of the NHS login integration process, there is documentation that must be filled in. These forms include:

  • Sandpit Environment Request Form
  • NHS login Kick Off Call Checklist
  • Integration Environment Request Form
  • Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL)
  • Connection Agreement
  • Service Discovery Form
  • Rollout Plan
  • Production Environment Request Form
  • NHS login Live Partner Change Request Form

6B’s NHS login integration specialists assist your healthcare organisation in properly completing all documentation. These forms are required to ensure that your healthcare organisation’s product or service conforms with NHS guidelines, standards and legislation.
Once your product is live, you can rely on 6B for NHS login integration ongoing support and maintenance, especially if an unforeseen incident occurs and you need immediate assistance.

Healthcare Integration

6B is a healthcare integration organisation that specialises in NHS integration, as well as IM1 integration, SystmOne integration and integration with other healthcare systems providers.
At 6B, security is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our healthcare integration agency is cyber essentials certified and ISO27001 accredited. 6B is also experienced in processing patient data under CFR Part 11, HIPPA and other regulations.

Stage One: Apply

At the application stage, it is important to check if you are eligible for NHS login and review whether this process fits the requirements of your organisation’s product. 6B helps your organisation throughout the application stage with consultation, support and documentation.

Stage Two: Discovery

Once the NHS Login Partner Integration Board decides that your application has been successful, the Discovery process can begin.

Through discovery, 6B works collaboratively with your organisation to determine and test the level of verification and authentication you need. From defining the Vectors of Trust to request the appropriate level of authentication and identity to developing a proof of concept in the sandpit environment and completing the Kick Off Call checklist, 6B’s healthcare developers will support the discovery process.

Stage Three: Integrate

Following discovery the integration can be developed to NHS standards from the proof of concept. At this stage, the 6B team will support you with producing the required documentation including:

  • Integration Environment Request Form – When moving from the sandpit to the integration environment, you must be able to demonstrate end-to-end testing including successful redirects back to your service.
  • Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) – When the NHS sends its technical conformance report back to you, you need to include this as part of the SCAL assurance requirements. The SCAL ensures you are complying with safety, information and clinical security.
  • Connection agreement – This contains legal obligations that must be fulfilled to complete the SCAL with appendices that define GDPR relationships between your organisation, NHS Digital and end users.
  • Service Discovery Form – The NHS Digital National Service Desk supports NHS login, which means you must complete this form in order to use the service.
  • Roll Out Plan – This ensures that your organisation’s product goes live in a controlled manner so that login processes and services are working as they should be.
  • Request For Change – If your organisation’s product is IM1 integrated, an RFC needs to be raised with the IM1 team.

Stage Four: Go Live

6B helps transition your NHS login integration from the integration test environment to the live production environment on the date you expect to go live. Through this process we will complete the Production Environment Request Form if required and manage running controlled pilots before the go live date to ensure your product is working properly.

Once the product is live, NHS documentation such as the SCAL and Connection Agreement are periodically reviewed and we can assist with any changes you need to make the NHS aware of. For ongoing service and incident management, our developers are also available.

Why choose 6B for NHS login integration support?

Integration experts – 6B has vast experience integrating digital products with NHS interfaces as well as other healthcare systems such as Emis, SystmOne, Cerner, Epic and many more.

Documentation assistance – Our team is available to help your organisation complete the relevant NHS integration documentation on time with supporting evidence as required.

Ongoing support – Once your NHS login integration is live, our support team is available should any unforeseen incidents occur or if you need further support and maintenance.

Security compliant – 6B are cyber essentials certified, ISO27001 accredited and experienced in processing patient data under CFR Part 11, HIPPA and other regulations

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