NHS MESH Integration

6B offers NHS MESH integration for health tech organisations and funded startups.
There are three types of NHS MESH integration that 6B provides healthcare integration services for – MESH Client, MESH UI and MESH API.
NHS MESH allows healthcare providers and healthcare organisations to transfer large data files securely as MESH connects to the Spine infrastructure of the N3/HSCN network. Alternatively, MESH can be used via the Internet. The secure transfer of data via an encrypted link can take place between your healthcare organisation and the central MESH server. The recipient can then access the MESH server to retrieve your organisation’s data safely in the knowledge that it is secure and confidential.
MESH can be used to send large messages on a variety of topics, including adult social care, test results, prescriptions, patient progress, patient monitoring, equipment monitoring and much more.

NHS MESH Integration Company

6B is an NHS MESH integration company with experience in integrating NHS systems. 6B provides NHS MESH integration services with Spine, NHS eRS, NHS PDS, the NHS app and NHS login services as well as different NHS MESH services.
From ensuring your healthcare organisation has the correct firewall prerequisites to ensuring your Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) is completed for the NHS MESH API integration service, 6B’s healthcare developers provide NHS MESH integration that fulfils your health tech organisation’s unique requirements.

NHS MESH allows organisations to transfer data files securely via the NHS Spine infrastructure on the HSCN network. From transferring adult social care data, test results, prescriptions and more, 6B will work with you to develop the correct type of MESH your organisation needs to best suit your requirements.

Types of MESH available

There are three types of MESH available:

MESH Client – GP sites, trusts and private NHS providers will find this useful as it is ideal for organisations sending and receiving large files.

MESH UI – If you are sending and receiving files under 100MB over HSCN or under 50MB over the Internet Gateway, this could be the choice for your organisation.

MESH API – Offering the most flexibility and ideal for bespoke digital healthcare products, 6B can support your organisation with a MESH API integration.

MESH Client

The MESH Client is the most common type of MESH used. It is ideal if you are sending or receiving files up to 20GB. MESH will connect your organisation to the NHS Spine infrastructure, allowing the secure transfer of data via an encrypted link between your organisation and the central MESH server. 6B can support your organisation through MESH Client installation, ensuring adequate security protocols are in place including prerequisite firewall configurations and the correct certificate access to Spine.


If your organisation is sending and receiving smaller files, this web-based interface is ideal for non-technical users of MESH. MESH UI does not require software installation as it connects to Spine through a physical smartcard. If your organisation does not require integration, MESH UI is the path to potentially go down.


For large files of up to 20GB, 6B can integrate MESH into your organisation’s existing systems through Spine or the Internet via the MESH API. 6B assists with the access request you will need for the MESH API as well as helping your organisation fulfil the MESH API prerequisites, which includes a MESH mailbox, client Transport Layer Security certificate, environment shared secret and workflow IDs. Our developers can carry out testing of your product in the MESH API sandbox environment and onboard your product in a live environment by helping your organisation to complete the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL). From acknowledging messages and sending chunked messages to looking up a MESH address and validating a mailbox, 6B’s team of developers will guide you through this process to ensure your organisation is utilising the MESH API efficiently and effectively.

Why choose 6B for NHS MESH integration support?

Integration specialists – 6B help organisations integrate digital healthcare products with NHS interfaces including NHS eRS, Spine, PDS, IM1 and a range of other interfaces.

Experienced developers – 6B has a wealth of experience in developing bespoke interfaces to suit an organisation’s objectives and products.

Security compliance – The security of your organisation’s integration is our foremost concern – we are ISO27001 certified.

Ongoing support – From the initial discussion to go live with your organisation’s MESH integration, 6B’s developers are available for support at every stage during and after your integration.

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