NHS Spine 2 Integration

6B provides NHS Spine 2 integration for funded startups and other health tech organisations.
Electronic referrals and electronic prescriptions are among the tasks you can carry out by linking your healthcare organisation to the Spine network of NHS IT services.
Through verifying details against the NHS Patient Demographics Service (PDS), healthcare organisations can verify an NHS number, search for an NHS number based on demographics and search for demographics based on an NHS number.
NHS Spine 2 integration is often a gateway for your health tech company to access national NHS IT infrastructure, such as GP2GP.
Your healthcare organisation can also link to the Spine 2 Mini-Service. This requires a secure connection and the proper compliance, which you can collaborate with 6B on. The Spine Mini-Service interface gives your healthcare organisation access to important patient data.

NHS Spine 2 Development

6B works collaboratively with health tech organisations and funded startups to test your NHS product through the NHS Digital Opentest network. Through this, your organisation can learn how your product will interact with NHS Spine and associated services, which include the Personal Spine Information Service and the Electronic Prescription Service.
6B has vast experience in working with healthcare organisations and NHS integration services, which includes SystmOne, Epic, Emis and other leading healthcare systems providers.
Our NHS number validation and Spine 2 integration services always ensure patient data can be accessed securely across health and social care settings.
The NHS number validation service is more accurate and efficient than the traditional PDS batch testing service and 6B consults and develops your organisation’s NHS Spine 2 integration to work to its maximum potential.

Spine 2 Mini Service Integration

The NHS Digital Spine Mini Service Provider (SMSP) is a free and easy way for systems to get read-only information from some national NHS services.
6B can develop integrations with the Spine Mini Service for your organisation as well as assist with consultancy and enablement for completing the Interoperability Toolkit Spine Mini Services and integration development.

Spine 2 Test Environment

Following NHS Spine integration development, 6B runs integration tests using the NHS Digital Opentest open access network.
Opentest is ideal for organisations developing healthcare integrations with Spine 2 and the test environment hosts real Spine 2 core instances, as well as Spine-based services such as the PDS, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and the Personal Spine Information Service.
6B’s developers utilise the NHS Spine 2 Opentest environment for various outcomes including to showcase your product to potential customers as well as to run test scenarios of your integration development.

Why choose 6B for NHS Spine 2 integration?

Experienced integration consultants – 6B have developed large-scale integrations for public healthcare bodies as well as smaller integrations for funded health tech startups and other organisations.

NHS integration expertise – 6B has experience integrating with NHS interfaces such as NHS MESH, NHS login as well as integration into other healthcare systems, including SystmOne, Emis and more.

Security and compliance – 6B are ISO 27001 accredited, cyber essentials certified, and experienced in processing patient data under HIPPA, CFR Part 11 and other regulations and we are proficient with healthcare data taxonomy including Snomed CT, NHS Data Model, HL7 FHIR, openEHR, CDM, ODM and more.

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