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6B are Laravel developers Leeds that provide safe and secure Laravel development for organisations and platforms both large and small.

Our Laravel technical architects and Laravel developers Leeds are available to make the most of the Laravel PHP framework for web development, giving your Laravel software security and scalability. Our Laravel developers Leeds use open-source tools to deliver exciting user interfaces that can fulfil multiple functions in the back end.

Our Laravel developers Leeds create bespoke Laravel web apps, Laravel APIs using frameworks like Lumen and other bespoke Laravel software.

Laravel development company

Our Laravel development company specialise in defining, creating and improving Laravel APIs and web platforms on account of our years of experience in the Laravel development industry. 6B provides a Laravel development service that comprises Laravel technical architects and Laravel developers who can build bespoke Laravel back-end platforms to deliver speed, performance and data handling storage for a wide array of use cases.

Laravel development service

6B’s Laravel developers Leeds offers Laravel bespoke development, Laravel website development, Laravel web app development, Laravel API development, Laravel migration and Laravel project rescue along with ongoing Laravel support and maintenance.

Hire Laravel developer

You can hire our Laravel developers for bespoke Laravel development a well as ongoing Laravel project maintenance. Hire our proactive and experienced Laravel developers for Laravel development and ongoing maintenance. Hire our Laravel developers to ensure the smooth operation of your Laravel product for your users’ benefits.

Our Laravel development service will ensure that your Laravel product, website, mobile app or other bespoke Laravel software is delivered at speed and to a high quality.

Our Laravel development team works collaboratively with you to help you harness the power of the Laravel framework to deliver bespoke web development at speed.

Scalable, fast and secure Laravel applications

Laravel is a web app development framework with expressive and elegant syntax that makes the web development process faster and easier. With common modules like routing, authentication, sessions, caching and more pre-built into the framework you can rest assured your Laravel development will be secure, scalable, fast, and built to a high quality.

In addition to utilising out-of-the-box Laravel features, 6B are also experienced working with common Laravel packages including Spatie, Entrust, Laravel Debugbar, Laravel User Verification, Socialite, Laravel Mix, Eloquent-Sluggable, Migration Generator, Laravel Backup, No Captcha and Laravel GraphQL.

6B has an abundance of experience in developing complex bespoke software, applications and systems utilising the best features Laravel has to offer. From Laravel code audits, developing Laravel APIs and backends for mobile apps and web platforms to Laravel migration, Laravel project recovery and ongoing Laravel support and maintenance services, 6B are here to help.

There are many reasons to work with 6B on your next Laravel development project including:


  • Dedicated Laravel teams – 6B has a large in-house Laravel development team to deploy to your project at speed, build your senior Laravel development team in weeks rather than months
  • Unrivalled Laravel experience – we have been developing and delivering Laravel projects for years, our senior Laravel developers have unrivalled Laravel experience
  • Pre-built Laravel modules – we have pre-built modules for a variety of common Laravel development projects including – customer portals, booking systems, APIs, bespoke CMS systems, training and e-learning platforms
  • Friendly and collaborative – we are 100% customer focused at 6B, our Laravel development team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a successful project

Our approach to Laravel project success


At 6B we adopt modern agile delivery methodologies, toolkits and approaches to ensure your Laravel project is a success.

Discovery sprint – We build specifications and prototypes by assessing business objectives, commercial models, and carrying out user research and user testing to help your organisation define the outcomes success would bring and give you Laravel technical guidance from the very beginning.

Solution sprint – We ensure the correct stakeholders are involved, work out the user needs that your Laravel solution is fulfilling and we develop how your customer interaction should work with your Laravel product, building clickable wireframes and process maps to show how your app will work.

Delivery sprint – Following dual-track agile methodology, we build your Laravel product in iterations that make full use of user and stakeholder feedback. This allows us to quickly filter continuous improvements into your product as we build it.

Deployment sprint – Your Laravel product goes live, which means we need to safely release your software to you, ensuring the handover process for development and production are in good working order so that your product can make a difference to your users’ lives as soon as possible.

What is Laravel and why should we choose it as a framework to build our web application?

Laravel is a web app development framework with elegant syntax that makes the entire web development process easier, faster and more enjoyable for developers, by simplifying the pain points associated with handling complex PHP code. Here at 6B, we’re an experienced Laravel app development company and the platform has transformed our web development process. It allows our developers to focus solely on building value-added features for web apps, rather than being preoccupied with tasks that could otherwise be automated, such as routing and caching. 

But why should your company choose a Laravel app development company like 6B to build your web app? One of the key reasons why Laravel framework is favoured by businesses of all sizes is how economical it is in terms of development cost. As it has many functions built in as standard (authentication logic, error and exception handling, security, etc) it doesn’t require custom coding and this can save huge amounts of money during the development phase of a project. The modules are also designed to work in tandem with mail and communication systems, allowing your business to communicate with customers who visit your website on whatever platform they prefer.

But the single strongest reason to select a specialist Laravel app development company like 6B to build your web app, is the fact that the back-end code doesn’t interfere with the front-end code. This ultimately allows our developers to make changes to the look of your site and how it functions, without having to undertake expensive backend code changes. In the long run, this relatively small detail can help your business save thousands of pounds in unnecessary development costs. This, combined with an extensive community of Laravel users, a wealth of online resources and our expertise, means that any issues we do encounter can be identified and solved a lot quicker than they would on other PHP frameworks. 

As a Laravel app development company, what features does Laravel offer?

Laravel is one of the most popular and widely-used open source frameworks. 6B is a skilled Laravel app development company; we recognise the value that its benchmarked and feature-rich solutions can offer high-end web applications, adhering to a string of best practises that make it an ideal choice for businesses. 

Because of how widely Laravel is used, there’s a large community and a wealth of information available to call upon when our developers are looking to resolve programming issues, which explains why it’s the preferred framework to use throughout the industry. Everything from learning blogs and forums to professional opinions on coding can be found online, so the strength of Laravel in part lies in the outsized community support that it can offer.

Here are some of the key features that Laravel PHP framework can provide, making it a popular choice among developers at Laravel app development company like ours, and the businesses of the clients we serve.

Template engine 

Laravel framework is appreciated by developers for many reasons, but one of the main features that our developers value is its built-in lightweight templates. These templates enable developers to build layouts with dynamic content seeding with ease. They’re designed to develop composite layouts with sections just as easily as they would straightforward layouts – which reduces the pressure placed on the developer. The framework also provides a number of essential widgets which seamlessly integrate with CSS and JS code with stable structures. 

MVC architecture support 

Another feature that makes this framework such a smart choice as a Laravel app development company is that the MVC architecture pattern is supported by Laravel, which helps to separate basic business logic and presentation layers. The built-in functions and features of Laravel’s MVC pattern helps to improve an application’s overall performance and enhance security levels, whilst still allowing for scalability. 

Authorisation technique for coding 

Irrespective of what type of application is being built, the authorisation and authentication elements are the single most important when producing code; they verify the identity of users and grant access to the application. Laravel’s framework is built with a logical technique for coding that helps with authorisation logic and controls access to different resources. By integrating the validation code into Laravel, the amount of time needed for coding is significantly reduced. 


Laravel framework provides a web application with the security it needs. It deploys hashed as well as salted password mechanisms, meaning the password is never saved as plain text in the user database, thus ensuring the database remains secure. It will generate encrypted passwords through a bcrypt hashing algorithm, and it also uses SQL statements to ward off SQL injection attacks.

Object relational mapping (ORM) 

As a Laravel app development company, our team of developers benefit from object relational mapping, which incorporates an uncomplicated PHP active record implementation. This effectively allows the web application developers at 6B to write database queries with PHP syntax, rather than writing SQL code, and the ORM performs considerably quicker than other PHP frameworks. 


Another one of Laravel’s built-in tools, Artisan empowers developers to automate several tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks. But Artisan goes well beyond this simple function; it allows developers to create their own bespoke commands, it can be used to build database structures and skeleton code, and it can be used to manage migration jobs, making it easy to manage disparate database systems. In addition to this, it can generate basic MVC files through command-line and manage those assets as well as their respective configurations.

Libraries and modular functionality 

Laravel also helps the developers using pre-installed modular libraries that cannot be accessed in most other PHP frameworks, which is an incredibly handy feature for a Laravel web application company, like us at 6B. For example, the authentication library is relatively simple to implement despite its many functions, which include checking active users, password reset, bcrypt hashing, cross-site request forgery protection, and of course, encryption. The framework has been separated into individual segments that have adopted innovative PHP principles and allow modular and responsive web app development.

Database migration system 

The migration system that Laravel uses helps to expand the structure of the web app database without requiring it to be recreated every time a modification is made by a developer. This in turn significantly reduces the risk of losing all important information and the structure of the database can be changed with PHP code, rather than SQL. In addition to this, its Schema Builder functionality helps create database tables and insert columns or indices promptly.

Tool integration 

The speed at which your web app performs is one of the most influential factors in determining user experience – as a Laravel app development company, we know this all too well. We also know that a number of factors can affect the speed of your web app, such as the features and functions you wish to include. Caching the backend is one of the most effective ways to help improve performance and this wouldn’t be possible without tool integration. Laravel provides out-of-the-box cache tools like Redis and Memcached to simplify this process for developers.

Unit testing 

As a Laravel app development company, one of the key features that makes our lives that bit easier is the framework’s ability to easily facilitate unit testing. Not only is the process of writing unit tests made effortless for developers, but the framework is also capable of running a series of unit tests to ensure new alterations that are executed by the programmer don’t occur without a warning break issued to the in-hand web application. This means Laravel-based web applications achieve a steady release, because failures have been identified and they’re known to the framework. 


As we’ve mentioned previously, Laravel is extremely popular among developers, and as such, there’s an extensive network of developers on hand to share ideas about problem solving. But Laravel also has official content in the form of tutorials, which can provide quick and easy answers to issues, whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting out. Through their free tutorials and paid services, Laravel offers comprehensive guides about how to get the most out of the framework, with training modules and technology making this accessible to everyone. 

What are the benefits of using Laravel as opposed to other frameworks to build a web application?

As a Laravel app development company, we can’t speak highly enough of the benefits that this framework brings to our web application development process. The platform is intuitive to use and its open-source backbone means that new innovations and improvements around the framework are developed on a daily basis. It’s a platform that’s constantly evolving and this explains why it’s the first choice for the majority of developers. Regardless of the size of your web application, the functionality and ease of use makes it accessible and affordable, making its various benefits hard to ignore. 

There’s no doubt that the framework’s ease-of-use factor has made the process of website coding simpler, faster and better for developers, but this only scratches the surface on the multitude of benefits that Laravel offers. Here’s a list of the immense advantages of using the framework that we’ve noticed as a skilled Laravel app development company: 

Quicker to market 

Because Laravel works on a modular basis, there are a lot of pre-built functions and structures that work on the latest PHP principles to ensure responsive web apps can be built in an efficient manner. Also, as it’s an open-source framework, the platform is continually evolving with improvements being made on a daily basis, meaning it will get faster and more efficient with time. This, and the fact there’s no requirement to write individual lines of code, means it’s far more economical than competitor platforms. 

Seamless user authentication and authorisation

Sign-in systems that are slow and hard to use will cost you customers. It’s vitally important that web application owners ensure that users are who they claim to be, and prevent unauthorised access to secure or paid for resources. One of the key benefits of Laravel is the ability for users to securely access resources in a fast and easy-to-use interface with its plug-and-play authentication systems. Almost everything is configured out-of-the-box and this helps to control access to resources. 

Integrated mail services 

Integration with mail services is another useful benefit that Laravel offers. Laravel enables an application to get up and running by sending mail through a local or cloud-based service, notifying users after various events – for example, an email confirming their successful registration. As well as providing support for sending emails, Laravel is also capable of notifying users across delivery channels like SMS and Slack. 

Secure transactions 

As a Laravel app development company with a portfolio of healthcare clients, creating a web app that protects sensitive patient data and payment information is of the utmost importance. Laravel’s built-in functions do just this, protecting against SQL injection attacks, cross-site request forgery, and much, much more. As the codebase is widely used, it’s heavily guarded with a series of online tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to ensure that the security of your web app is up to scratch. 

Automated testing 

Central to the success of any web app is how well it performs. If comprehensive testing isn’t carried out and bugs aren’t identified, users will become frustrated and turn their attention elsewhere. A major benefit of using Laravel is the automation testing that’s built into the platform, drastically reducing the time it usually takes to conduct rigorous testing. The unit testing feature of Laravel runs a series of tests on all components or modules to deliver a high-performing web app that’s optimised with web code. 

Automated scheduling 

Rather than asking web developers to create an entry for every task they want to schedule, Laravel uses an automatic command scheduler for tasks such as sending emails or notifications to users. Developers can define their command schedule within the Laravel framework, which not only saves on the cost of hosting, but also increases the speed a web app operates at. 

Fixing common vulnerabilities 

During the process of developing a web app, you’re likely to encounter various common security vulnerabilities – with SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting ranking as the most critical. The cost and length of time required to fix these issues increases as you progress through the software development life cycle of a product, which is why it’s important to spot these problems and rectify them early on. As a Laravel app development company, the security that the Laravel framework provides is second-to-none. 

URL routing generation

When users click or type a URL link, they expect to see the desired content – be it a product description, article or contact form. Laravel assists in generating URLs which can be used to build links within templates, and all routes are defined in the app/Http/routes.php file, which is automatically loaded by the framework. Without URL routing, the web application won’t be able to decipher what the user wants to see and may display a blank page or an error page instead.

Traffic handling 

As a Laravel app development company, we know that as an application grows in popularity, how it handles an increase in traffic will become a top priority. The more traffic a web app attracts, the more requests it will have to deal with. The Laravel framework helps with this influx of traffic by implementing a message queue system to ensure the web server isn’t overwhelmed. These queues help to speed up web requests to an application by deferring time consuming tasks like sending emails. 

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