Customer portal development

6B offers customer portal development that provides a private online channel to give support and information to your customers and service users.

Customer portal development allows you to interact with your customers or service users so that you can collaborate on shared data, data records, schedules and documents.

Customer portal development also allows your customers or service users to view, download or upload private information, such as financial information or health information, to your bespoke customer portal.

Customer portals with 6B provide simple but secure access and all you need to connect is a web browser and an internet connection.

Customer portal security is paramount, which is why our customer portal development uses encryption that keeps your data and information secure within our network.

Custom web portal development

6B’s custom web portal development services give you the ability to securely exchange information over a secure custom web portal. Your customers and service users are given self-service access to a private repository thanks to 6B custom web portal development with the ability to upload and download large files.

A structured folder system will also be displayed thanks to 6B’s custom web portal development and our bespoke customer portal solutions have various functionality so that they fulfil your organisation’s requirements.

From managing private records to management reporting including assessing customer orders, 6B’s customer portal development will save your organisation time and money.

6B’s agile customer portal development process means that we can iterate your customer portal using stakeholder and user feedback so that we can deploy your customer portal as quickly as possible.

A customer portal is typically a web portal linked from your organisation’s website however 6B also develop customer portals across multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and more.

Every organisation has different requirements of what they need from a customer portal and so we adopt agile methodologies to discover your requirements, your customer’s requirements and the opportunities for bespoke customer portal development. When stakeholders and 6B are on the same page, we iterate your customer portal development to provide speedy and optimal delivery of your customer portal.

Secure customer portals you can rely on

Security of your bespoke customer portal development is 6B’s number one priority. We ensure data is fully encrypted and held on systems that conform to the highest security standards so data is locked from outside interference.

Healthcare organisations such as the NHS and local and central government organisations are among the sectors to entrust 6B with patient and civilian portal development for a variety of use cases, demonstrating the trust you can place in our ability to keep data secure.

6B have worked on many different types of customer portals for web development projects. For healthtech companies, we have developed portals where patients can input personal and medical data. We have created management reporting portals, where an organisation can break down customer or service user behaviour over specific time periods. All of our portals include robust bespoke reporting facilities, giving your service users access to detailed and flexible bespoke reports.

Our customer portals are developed bespoke for your organisation, however they typically include data management, integrations with on-premise and cloud systems, secure file management, PDF generation, billing and invoice management, ticketing and other self-service functionality.

A bespoke customer portal can help keep projects on schedule with task assigning and progress update tools, allow for secure client messaging and knowledge sharing or simple file sharing. Whatever purpose your customer portal is required for, 6B works with you to deliver a bespoke customer portal that improves your self-service offering.

Developing a bespoke customer portal saves your organisation time, increases brand engagement and allows customers to self-service for common requests. Save time and money by letting customers manage their own data in a bespoke customer portal.

Benefits of working with 6B on your customer portal development include:


  • Vast experience – We work with private and public sector organisations to development unique and considered customer portal products
  • Security as standard – 6B encrypts your data to conform with best-practice security standards so that your service users can entrust you with their most sensitive information
  • Integration experts – We regularly integrate customer portals with other systems including internal and legacy systems, mobile apps, web apps, APIs and more
  • Bespoke solutions – 6B’s customer portal consultants and developers collaborate closely with your internal team to deliver a bespoke customer portal solution for your organisation

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