NHS eRS Integration

6B provides NHS eRS integration for funded startups and health tech organisations across the UK. 6B’s NHS eRS integration specialists give organisations the opportunity to save time for patients, GPs and others on all manner of healthcare issues. From providing an easier way to book a hospital or clinical appointment, to clinicians gaining quick advice from a specialist on a health issue, NHS eRS integration from 6B provides better patient outcomes in a quicker timeframe.

The NHS eRS is also helping to provide shorter referral for treatment times and is cutting the number of appointments missed by patients.

Patient issues can be discussed between clinicians to reduce the number of appointments patients must attend and secure data and information can be sent between service leaders and clinicians through the NHS eRS integration services that 6B provides.

NHS eRS Integration Company

6B is an NHS eRS integration company that can help bring about huge benefits to your organisation through NHS eRS integration for many different types of people:

Patients – Quicker consultant advice can take place and patients can have a more informed decision on their GP or referrer. The correct treatments at the right time can occur and the risk of unnecessary appointments is reduced. 

Commissioners – Greater confidence can be achieved that referrals to secondary care are appropriate and GPs can gain greater awareness of healthcare services available. Demand can be prioritised in high volume elective care specialties and GPs and trusts are given a single point of access to enquiries and reports.

Requesting clinician – NHS eRS gives rapid referrer access to advice on patients, which may include care investigations, result interpretations, treatments and future referrals. Secure communication can take place between primary and secondary care and an accessible record of advice given to patients and clinicians can be retrieved for patient care and service evaluation.

With NHS eRS referring and provider clinicians can also discuss patient issues to reduce the number of unnecessary hospital referrals and send information between clinicians securely through NHS eRS integration from 6B.

Research & Guidance

NHS eRS integration from 6B provides benefits for commissioners, referrers and referring clinical teams, consultants and provider clinical teams, service managers and service definers.

6B will access information analysis in order for commissioners to fully understand and analyse local and national data within the e-RS.

Our eRS integration service will help your organisation access reports and extracts for information and help members of your organisation to liaise with leads and service managers.

Plan & Communicate

For commissioners, the eRS integration service from 6B will undertake training, engage with referrers to create new and better processes and outline advice and Clinical Commissioning Group expectations. Referrers can liaise with commissioners and providers on roles and responsibilities and set out a process to ensure transparency over monitoring and advising referrals.

Through 6B’s NHS eRS integration service, we work with consultants to figure out the format of advice and guidance services and work with leads or service managers for future planning of referrals. This results in quick responses to requests, ensures workload balance and adaptability to fluctuations in the volume of advice and guidance requests.


6B ensures that services are available to referrers by checking the Directory of Services in the eRS, as well as providing ongoing support for providers.

Our integration services allow for consultants and clinical teams to monitor advice and guidance requests as well as respond to such requests in an agreed timescale.

For leads and service managers, we can ensure the right IT infrastructure is in place and that systems are in place for the proper delivery of training.

For service definers, we can also integrate systems that add relevant workgroups for consultants and other professional users.

Audit, analyse and learn

Using data from the NHS eRS integration system, 6B can provide commissioners with the tools to assess, report and view advice utilisation and outcomes to search for any improvements within the service. Through quality assurance analysis and reviews, lessons can be learnt and findings can be shared among the wider healthcare community.

For referrers, requests can be evaluated to assist quality assurance, as well as carrying out frequent audits to assess the volume of advice requests, the type of requests received and the conversion of those requests into physical referrals.

For consultants and clinical leads, as well as service leads and managers, integration can be delivered to check the activity per clinician as well as conversion rate to referral assessment over specific time periods to analyse how the service is being used.

Why choose 6B for NHS eRS integration?

Experienced integration consultants – 6B develop large-scale integrations for public healthcare bodies and smaller integrations viable for funded health tech startups as well as other organisations.

NHS integration expertise – From NHS interface experience including NHS MESH and NHS login to healthcare system integration with SystmOne, Emis and more, 6B has vast experience in healthcare integration services.

Security and compliance – 6B is cyber essentials certified, ISO 27001 accredited and experienced processing patient data under HIPPA and CFR Part 11. Through Snomed CT, HL7 FHIR, openEHR, CDM, ODM and NHS Data Model, we are proficient with the categorisation of healthcare data.

Ongoing support – From the initial discovery to go live, 6B’s developers support your organisation through every stage during and after your NHS eRS integration.

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