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6B are an Angular development company  that build mobile apps, web apps and bespoke software through the Angular platform and framework.

Our Angular development company developers scope, build and develop Angular apps for public sector organisations, private sector organisations and funded startups.

6B’s delivery mindset means that our Angular developers keep your organisation’s objectives at the forefront of our Angular alpha and discovery, Angular development and Angular deployment process.

Angular development

There are many advantages when it comes to Angular development for your organisation’s product and these include:

  • Angular’s robust frontend framework to develop and scale large apps
  • Angular’s versatility with top-quality ready-made solutions, components and templates, with Angular adept at creating JavaScript-based mobile apps as well as using open source projects such as Native Script
  • Angular’s user experience approach provides fantastic speed and responsiveness, as well as beautiful user interfaces
  • Angular is used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, Xbox through Microsoft and McDonald’s

Angular development company

6B is an Angular development company that uses Angular’s powerful routing and data management to create Single Page Applications that load quickly, creating superb user experience for your service users and customers.

Angular’s cross-platform development capabilities reuse your organisation’s code to build apps with any deployment target in mind.

Angular puts your organisation in control over scalability and your organisation can meet massive data requirements by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or other push models.

Best Angular developers

The best Angular developers are a sought-after commodity as Angular is one of the most powerful frameworks and platforms in the world today. 6B has a wealth of experience in developing Angular mobile apps, Angular web apps, Angular progressive web apps and Angular bespoke software for public sector and private sector organisations across the UK.

Angular is a commonly used and popular frontend framework, which is why Angular developers are a sought-after specialism. If you’re looking for a team that can harness the sophisticated, high-performance, powerful data binding capabilities and highly scalable applications that can be developed through Angular, 6B is the team you need.

6B can help your organisation build features quickly through Angular’s simple templates that can be extended with your own or existing components. There is also Angular-specific help through every iteration of web development, allowing your organisation to focus on app development and not on making your code work.

Angular development services

From discovery to deployment, 6B delivers best practice Angular development so that your organisation can build an efficient app that benefits from game-changing speed and responsiveness. It is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, Xbox and McDonald’s, with feature-rich applications that can be applied to your organisation through 6B’s Angular expertise.

Why does 6B use the Angular framework to build your product?

Angular’s robust frontend framework can develop and scale large apps without adding dependencies. This standardised setup saves time on using new tools as Angular is able to fulfil most if not all of the functions your organisation requires.

Angular’s powerful routing and data management also means that 6B can create greater user experience through lightning-fast Single Page Applications.

Our Angular developers can build versatile, cross-platform apps that go beyond frontend web application frameworks. It can be used for progressive web applications to provide features offline and even more if combined with larger platforms. Our developers can also create JavaScript-based mobile apps and more opportunities arise when we combine Angular with open-source projects such as Native Script.

Our UI/UX designers ensure that your organisation benefits from stunning and intuitive user interfaces through Angular and as your web app gains traction, we use Angular to help you navigate increased traffic and add more functions to your product, with speedy, ready-made solutions for common scalability issues available.

Advantages of working with 6B include:

  • Experienced team – Our UI/UX designers and Angular developers work with healthcare, central government, local government, funded startups and private sector organisations large and small to scope, strategise and deliver intuitive mobile apps, web apps and bespoke software
  • Delivery mindset – The discovery stage of our process helps 6B to delve into the objectives for your product strategy, allowing our team to keep your aims at the forefront of the development cycle
  • Effective communication – Our fully transparent process keeps your organisation fully informed of our progress at every stage of development
  • Impressive speed and performance – Through adopting agile methodologies, we iterate new versions of your organisation’s product throughout every stage of development, making continual improvements without compromising on quality or time
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