Trust Integration Engines integration

6B partners with third party organisations to ensure the essential flow of real-time patient data between departments and external care settings through Trust Integration Engines integration. 

The Trust Integration Engines integration platforms that we use provide a seamless transition, providing a more manageable and consistent architecture for trusts to work with, and enabling clinicians to continue their work without disruption or interference.

Our dedicated team of integration professionals have the knowledge to diagnose issues with an integration engine or a sending system, meaning they can liaise with the supplier and rectify the issue without the work of clinicians being affected. 

Trust Integration Engines integration company

6B utilises bespoke monitoring tools that incorporate your Trust Integration Engine and every other system attached to it. This allows us to protect the trusts that your organisation integrates with, safeguarding them against potential interruptions to the service they provide and medical care they administer. The Trust Integration Engines platforms we provide to organisations include Mirth and Rhapsody, and cater to HL7, DICOM, XML, CCD, EDI and NCPDP formats, which ensures the seamless sharing of messages and data across different systems, on and off-site.

As technology in healthcare trusts and organisations accelerates, it’s critical to have an integration engine in place that is capable of maintaining the flow of real-time patient data between departments and external care sources.

6B partners with companies seeking to integrate with a trust through Trust Integration Engines integration to provide a seamless interoperability. We are experienced in developing integrations with healthcare integration engines including Ensemble, Health Connect, IRIS for Health, HealthShare, Mirth, OpenESB, Enovacom, Qvera, Mule, Lyniate Rhapsody, and more.

Whether your organisation wants to integrate to a PAS or EPR system, 6B has the expertise to securely enhance the flow of patient data with a strategic and scalable integration.

Seamless integration

We empower companies who are seeking to integrate with a trust through Trust Integration Engines integration to do so in a seamless fashion. By providing a more manageable and flexible integration architecture, we ensure that users have the tools they need in an easy to access interface that enables management and configuration of integrations.

A scalable and flexible integration

The ability to increase interoperability among disparate healthcare technology by incorporating several different formats is essential to providing an integration agile enough to cope with the ever-evolving nature of healthcare. The platforms and integrations we develop help organisations provide innovative healthcare solutions and deliver consistency to trusts, and cater to HL7. This relates to inpatient and outpatient data like appointments, DICOM which is primarily used for handling images like x-rays, as well as XML, CCD, EDI and NCPDP formats. 

Ultimately, the integration platforms that we deploy at 6B put your organisation in control; they allow for the seamless and flexible flow of data using interface channels that can be customised to restrict access and extended using a modular driven architecture for scalability.

Why choose 6B for Trust Integration Engines integration?

  • Healthcare integration expertise – We work with leading healthcare organisations include NHS, Public Health England as well as leading healthcare system providers including EMIS, SystmOne, Epic and Cerner.
  • Experienced team – Our in-house team of developers have vast experience in developing custom-built interfaces that meet the needs and objectives of companies and the trusts they integrate with through Trust Integration Engines integration.
  • Secure and compliant – 6B are ISO 27001 accredited, cyber essentials certified, and experienced in processing patient data under HIPPA, CFR Part 11 and other regulations and we are proficient with healthcare data taxonomy including Snomed CT, NHS Data Model, HL7 FHIR, openEHR, CDM, ODM and more.
  • Fully managed service – We oversee and manage the entire integration process, from assessing a trust’s existing architecture to recommending ongoing iterations to integration.

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