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WordPress Design UL and WordPress web design by 6B Digital. 6B are a passionate WordPress development agency made up of web designers, web developers and digital marketing specialists in the UK.

We design and develop high quality WordPress websites and web applications at speed. We specialise in high-quality, bespoke WordPress web design, as well as bespoke web development on WordPress. We are proficient at developing plugins for WordPress to allow the development of advanced and bespoke functionality to a high standard, and at a reasonable price.

WordPress Web Design UK

Our dedicated and professional in-house, UK-based WordPress design team of industry experts are highly experienced in all things WordPress, including dynamic design, complex integration, and advanced SEO. We are highly skilled in all facets of WordPress design, development and website hosting, and are the leading WordPress development agency in the UK. Our catalogue of successful and high-quality WordPress developments far exceeds our competition, establishing 6B as the number one WordPress agency in the UK.

WordPress Agency UK

6B are a WordPress development agency, based in UK, working with clients across the UK, and elsewhere as professional WordPress website developers in the UK.

WordPress Development Agency UK

As experienced WordPress web developers in UK, we also offer complex software integration, API development and bespoke web application development, and enterprise-level website development. From small one page websites to large-scale bespoke websites, 6B offers a range of WordPress web design services to push your brand forwards and grow your business.

The most popular CMS in the world – for a reason.


6B gets WordPress – and with 37% of the world’s websites built on this platform, we’re not alone in thinking its versatility and usability is unparalleled.


In fact, when it comes to websites that have a content management system (CMS) built in, it’s even higher at 65%.


Originally built to support blogs and other publishing activities, WordPress is now one of the most powerful CMS solutions on the market.


Capable of supporting large and complex websites, full e-commerce, and media portfolios to name a few, WordPress’ core offer – an extensive range of plugins, themes, and third-party interoperability – proves unmatched in the digital development sector.


But not all these sites are created equal, and you’re probably looking for a WordPress agency in the UK with the experience, eye for detail and top team to deliver something that’s truly memorable to your customers.

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Common challenges WordPress can solve

After 8 years as a top WordPress agency in the UK, we’ve noticed a few patterns – key problems that new clients and partners typically approach us with…

An existing solution

You’re already on WordPress, you understand the versatility of the platform, but it’s time to upgrade. You might have been using an agency and the relationship’s broken down, or perhaps your limited in-house resource has moved on. Now you’re left without key skills, site amends aren’t fast enough, and your sales and marketing activity is stunted.

Costly maintenance

You’ve previously spent a lot of money on a large, robust, enterprise-level platform like SiteCore, but now you’re questioning it. Your overheads on this software are high, and the amount of maintenance required is just as pricey. You’re looking for a simpler, streamlined, more cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Security priorities

Security is a major concern for your business. It isn’t just valuable, sensitive customer data that you want to protect, but important internal information too. You’re aware that some platforms are more secure than others, and are looking for the safest option.

Too many solutions

You’re overwhelmed by the number of platforms out there, unsure of which one is right for your site. You know that some have been around longer than others – but what does that really mean when it comes to technical support, resources and regular updates?

Unsuitable current site

You’ve spent the first few years with your site on a lower-tier platform, but now you’ve evolved as a company, you find it lacks functionality, while the plugin options are poor and difficult to integrate smoothly. You’re done with templates, ready to elevate your offering and looking for something customisable on WordPress with a brand-centric approach.

Ecommerce at speed

You want to enter the ecommerce space, but as an addition to your current solution. You don’t want or need something that sits apart from your main customer-facing site, and are instead looking for a low-cost ecommerce offering. You need a quick-to-market solution that won’t cost the earth, where speed of delivery is central.

Our Classic WordPress offering

We don’t do “out of the box” – but our Classic WordPress offering gives you the same speed of delivery that you’d expect to come from installing a template.

Our unique framework based on agile development principles means our team can deliver many different kinds of projects on time, on budget, and to the highest SEO standards. In fact, WordPress is considered to be the best CMS for SEO.

It will still be built with the future in mind too; our modular approach ensures that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality – and where possible, without requiring new development.

It keeps maintenance and costs low, while site performance remains high.

Our Enhanced WordPress offering

Every project has a different level of complexity – and if your needs are more bespoke, we can match them.

With over 100 WordPress projects under our belt, our experts in design, development, testing and architecture can work closely with your team and create something entirely custom-built to your company and its unique challenges.

Whether you need a system integration piece, multiple sites with a central dashboard, or development of a mobile app that talks to your WordPress CMS – we can help you build the perfect, personalised platform, so your staff and customers get the very best experience.

Plus, WordPress has an excellent selection of plugins and new functionality that can be easily added on-demand, developed further and built upon, allowing your site to grow alongside your business.

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To help you workout which is the right package for you, take a look at our more detailed breakdown.


You’ll get an idea of what your product’s lifecycle could look like, and more information on the difference between our Classic and Enhanced options.

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Choosing the right WordPress agency is critical to your project’s execution. At 6B, everything we do is powered by our obsession with client success, and backed by our technical excellence after years in the industry. Because we want to deliver the best experience, we have a dedicated team of Wordpress specialists to run our projects, and ensure your solution is future-proofed, dynamic, and impactful. But don’t take our word for it – check out who you’d be working with right now…

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