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6B are a Web Accessibility Agency specialising in delivering accessibility web design for clients of all sizes across both the public and private sectors.

Our accessibility web design work ensures that companies are compliant within the regulatory framework and their digital services are easily accessible and navigable by everyone.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration with our clients and intensive research into our client’s users, we create tailored accessibile web design solutions that are effective, efficient and ultimately aligned across different levels of the organisation.

Accessibility web design company

Accessibility web design may seem like an optional extra in design stages, but there are untold benefits to deploying a digital service that is accessible and inclusive of as many users as possible:

  • Upskills internal designers and stakeholders, building accessibility capability
  • Digital estates are fully accessible, meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • End to end services that are designed to deliver what users want
  • Defined design principles and systems, driving future development efficiency
  • Low risk solution due to rapid prototyping
  • In-depth research identifies areas for improvement within user experience and drives further efficiencies

We create bespoke end to end design and development solutions that adhere to the latest accessibility standards and enable users to navigate an organisation’s web content without hindrance or to the detriment of another user.

By making your organisation’s website, mobile app or web app more accessible, you are ensuring that all of your potential users have a positive user experience and can access your information easily. Specifically, accessible design promotes inclusivity and enables people with physical, cognitive or technological barriers to navigate your digital services in an easy to understand way.

At 6B, we can help you identify users that are traditionally excluded due to the unconscious bias of design and implement a comprehensive roadmap to make your services more accessible to everyone. Through extensive user research and user testing at every stage, we can understand who is engaging with your service and what is preventing those who are not.

Inclusive digital service design

As a web accessibility agency we’re committed to making your organisation’s services easier to use and providing equal opportunities to your organisation’s users. Our team will develop a long-term defined strategy with easy to implement measures that help your team maximise inclusion opportunities among all users. We collaborate with your organisation to provide a better experience for existing users, target a wider market, ensure that your organisation is compliant with all regulations and your team understand best practices going forward.

Guaranteeing accessibility compliance

Achieving full digital accessibility on your organisation’s website, mobile app or web app goes well beyond not having to squint when reading small text on a screen. It encompasses a broad range of recommendations, from in-sync captioning for video content to keyboard functionality working with voice-control systems.

Primarily, content must adhere to the four principles set out by The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), stating all content is perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. 6B helps government organisations, as well as private sector companies, certify that services are accessible for all, meeting WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA standards.

The WCAG is the golden standard when it comes to making web content more accessible; it’s a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organisations, and governments internationally. Ultimately, it’s a technical standard and a legal requirement that must be met by government and other organisations, but it’s also the benchmark for any effort to bolster user inclusiveness.

We conduct a thorough accessibility audit of your new app, website or other bespoke software, publishing an accessibility statement and applying inclusive insights which will aim to refine your service’s approach. Once we understand why service users are struggling to access your organisation’s content, we can begin to review your product’s service design, locate the points where users cannot gain access or a successful outcome, and identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

At 6B, we specialise in delivering accessibility measures for new and existing services, deploying a user-centric approach with research, testing and prototyping at every stage to boost user engagement.

Person visiting NHS Trust site on smartphone

Advantages of working with 6B include:

Experienced team – Our web accessibility agency team are experienced with the latest accessibility standards, tools and approaches

Research informs defined strategy – We conduct in-depth research to best identify your accessibility pain points and needs, formulating a robust long-term strategy to implement and maintain a number of accessibility improvements

Fast delivery – Through adopting agile methodologies, we’re able to ensure that your services adhere to changing industry regulations and remain accessible to a wide network of users

Digital transformation to enable accessibility – We innovate and give you the tools you require to stay ahead of an always changing digital landscape, providing you with the blueprint for a truly inclusive and compliant digital service

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